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THE FORCE AWAKENS on Vinyl Has Spinning 3-D Holograms

When I was a kid, all I wanted was a car with spinners on its wheels. Don’t ask me why, I just thought that’d make me the coolest nine-year-old in town. I’ve never given much thought to records with spinners, though—I guess because they don’t have hubcaps. They’re just a single piece of vinyl and everything’s already spinning. But could they spin more?!

Turns out they can. Disney announced Wednesday—as Gizmodo reports—that The Force Awakens vinyl will feature hand-etched holographic images of the Millennium Falcon and a TIE Fighter (on discs one and two, respectively) that, at the right angle, spin atop the record.


In designing the record, the creators sought ways to enhance the user experience. “This is an all-analog process,” said artist Tristan Duke in the promotional video. “Just like the music on the record—the grooves are carved into the record and recording sound—I’m actually carving grooves of a different kind that record light.”

Disney suggests shining a mobile phone or some other direct light source onto the vinyl to get the best, eye-popping 3-D experience. If it truly works well—and it does admittedly look pretty sweet in the video—it may at least partially rationalize Disney’s $50 asking price.

The Force Awakens two-disc package will be available here on June 17. Let us know what you think of the hologram idea in the comments, and check out the film’s John Williams-scored tracklist below:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Two LP Hologram Vinyl Tracklist:

  1. Main Title and The Attack on the Jakku Village
  2. The Scavenger
  3. I Can Fly Anything
  4. Rey Meets BB-8
  5. Follow Me
  6. Rey’s Theme
  7. The Falcon
  8. That Girl with the Staff
  9. The Rathtars!
  10. Finn’s Confession
  11. Maz’s Counsel
  12. The Starkiller
  13. Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle
  14. The Abduction
  15. Han and Leia
  16. March of the Resistance
  17. Snoke
  18. On the Inside
  19. Torn Apart
  20. The Ways of the Force
  21. Scherzo for X-Wings
  22. Farewell and The Trip
  23. The Jedi Steps and Finale

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