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THE FLASH CW Pilot Finds Its Iris West

Actress Candice Patton, known for her role in the series The Game and the television movie The Craigslist Killer, has joined the cast for the CW pilot of DC Comics’ The Flash as Iris West. She joins Glee’s Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Jesse L. Martin, who plays her father Detective West and also serves as a kind of surrogate father to Barry after his mother is murdered.

Although in the comics Iris is a reporter and Barry’s love interest (and eventual wife, in the old pre-New 52 continuity), in the upcoming show she is being described as “Allen’s fast-talking, quick-witted best friend.”  Of course, the biggest departure for her character is that unlike in the comics, this Iris will be African-American, as will the entire West family. So when Wally West turns up in the television series (assuming it goes to series), it’s safe to assume you can forget the ginger look.  The project is being developed by Warner Bros TV and Berlanti Productions.


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  1. luckymustard says:

    @Henry Holloway Here’s the wikipedia article on African American –
    And here’s the wikipedia article on European American – – which is what I am, even though I wasn’t born in Europe, but rather Ohio, USA. I think it’s pretty common and acceptable to describe Miss Patton as African American.

  2. Henry Hollaway says:

    Brian Fisher, I’m pretty sure she knows she black. Also, saying how it is isn’t racist in the derogatory sense, also I said she was an American born in America, which is why she isn’t African-American.

  3. T_ says:

    Most of the written articles on Nerdist are no done very well; it is like they don’t care about the news they report on and they assume the readers are as uneducated as they are.

  4. Nich Hustler says:

    Wow this lingo is so much easier in South Africa…

  5. luckymustard says:

    Well some people don’t like the b-word. And others, apparently now, don’t like the A-A word. Of course you definitely can’t say THE N-word, nor the similar or slightly less offensive other n-word. And don’t say the c-word either.

    For a person like me, don’t say the h-word. Nor the C-word. And don’t call me the w-d-word, because I’m not trashy. And the w-word is right out… too descriptive. Finally, don’t make reference to where most of my parents’ parents’ parents came from by saying the E-word, nor the I-word, or G-word.

  6. Kristoffer says:

    whatever race she is; she’s kind of hot!

  7. Doug Thomas says:

    Actually, the term African-American is a very old one. It predates the American Revolution and denotes a person of African decent living here. If she were from Africa she would just be African.

  8. Brian Fisher says:

    Henry, I’m tired of all this people passing off their racism as anti-political-correctness shit.

  9. Henry Hollaway says:

    She’s an American and she’s black, not African-American seeing as she was born in Mississippi. So tired of this incorrect political correct shit.