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Mass Effect Cosplay Makes Lady Blogger Sadfaced

This post from Kotaku about Polish model Jessika F doing the above cosplay photo shoot made my brain sad and here’s why:

Deep Breath.


I am not a prude nor am I a knee jerk something something. I like looking at beautiful people dressed in the awesome finery of my favorite video game/comic book/movie characters. But I also like looking at regular folks dressed up. Like these fine people:

Images Via

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you feel) the cosplay pics that get the most attention are always of the boobs n’ buns variety. Blerg. Where is the slide show of Venture Bros and Dr. Girlfriends? How about a pictorial of Kim Pines and Ramona Flowers(es)? Why is it always always always the Sexy Girls of Comic Conâ„¢ who steal the spotlight? I mean, I’m not stupid. I know why. I live in America – the land of boobs and butts and guns and poop jokes – of the freeeee.

Listen, I like sexy things. I don’t believe boobs or butts are shameful or “slutty” (a truly useless word at this point in our society in my opinion) or that a woman who chooses to express her sexuality through cosplay (or vice versa) is a lesser human being. I just feel a bit…marginalized, I guess. And maybe betrayed by my fellow nerds. I guess I had this dumb fantasy we were all in a super secret club where we had gotten past boobs and butts and poop jokes (of the freee) and maybe drank some gin drinks while we talked about how Heinlein is the “funny” kind of misogyny. And then we would all make out. Because being smart and interesting is sexy. Being good looking is sexy too but it’s nothing without some good old fashioned shared geeky bits. At least, that’s how it is in my Super Secret Awesome Gin and Heinlein Club.*

So how do you all feel about the booby direction cosplay seems to be taking? Do you think there’s a chance a chubby Black Widow could outpace a harem of Slave Leias in terms of page views anytime soon? I AM ASKING FOR A FRIEND HERE. ANYWAY. Tell me your feelings please in the comments.

*now accepting robots!

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  1. Brad says:

    Chubby Black Widow would get all my page views. Just sayin’.
    Seriously though, dressing up as a character you enjoy is better than any boobs and butt you may be showing.

  2. Teddy (Yes really) says:

    I honestly don’t have a problem with it, albeit I’m a typical guy. I think if someone wants to do a cosplay, do it right. I also like voluptuous women. Curvy but not.. Not to be mean, large. I’m not a BBW kinda guy. So if a beautiful none famous girl does a cosplay right, and it’s from something I’m a fan of. I’ll drool. If someone dresses up as a well done Garrus or Wrex from Mass Effect. BAM. Instant bromance. He gets a fucking fist pump. Would I do it? No. I lack the natural charm of cosplay but my hands up for anyone that does. You’re cool wether you believe it or not! Rock that shit. As for the mainstreaming of it all.. What isn’t being mainstreamed? I think people have to learn to be happy with who they are and what they like. Unless you’re going to change the world. Shut up.

  3. Lord Deveaux says:

    Why can”t we have both sexy ladies & odd awesome costumes? Heck we have light acting like both a particle & a wave. Dare to dream big nerds … Dare to dream big.

  4. Hanna says:

    I think that it is just par for the course that the sexy ladies in cosplay will always win out on the page views and I have come to accept that as a average looking female and cosplay fan.

    My only objection that I cling to are the girls under the age of 18 who are dressing this way b/c I feel like looking at a 14 year old Bayonetta or a 12 year old dressed as a bleach character that shows 90 percent of her breasts is a felony. I can’t enjoy a well made cosplay unless the person is of age or the costume isn’t sexy.

    TL;DR: It’s all par for the course and we must accept it but jailbait chicks need to stop cosplaying sluts.