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The First Teaser for the ATTACK ON TITAN Movie Is Here

Japanese distributor Pony Canyon just released the teaser trailer for the first Attack on Titan feature film, and you can get a taste of the murderous giant action below.

For those of you not familiar with Attack on Titan, the anime – based on the manga by Hajime Isayama – takes place in a world under siege by massive Titans: nude, often mindless humanoid creatures that enjoy nothing more than snacking on the surviving human population which has hidden itself inside of walled-off cities. But after one of those walls fails, and Eren Jaeger suffers a terrible loss, our hotheaded protagonist vows to enlist in the military with the hope of killing every Titan he can find.

If some – well, all – of the footage looks familiar, it’s because the feature is a digest-sized version of the hit animated series and award-winning manga. Director Araki Tetsuro edited the feature – titled Attack on Titan Part One: Crimson Bow and Arrow – cutting down the first 13 episodes of the series for this installment, with the followup – subtitled Wings of Freedom – due out in 2015.

Twitchfilm spotted the teaser, which reveals the film’s Japanese release date: November 22. FUNimation distributes the series here in the U.S., so hopefully, it’s only a matter of time before they announce a domestic release for the film.

A live-action film has been in various stages of production since 2012 with director Shinji Higuchi (Hidden Fortress: The Last Princess, Japan Sinks) most recently attached, with distributor Toho recently announcing the cast lead by Crows Zero II actor Haruma Miura. The live-action film has a planned 2015 release.

[Source: Twitchfilm]

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  1. alex davis says:

    dudes i love attack on titan i play attack on titan tribute game

  2. Anderson says:

    22 de novenbro , Dia do Meu Aniversario comemorando bem HEHHEHE Vem logo ! 

  3. Gabby says:

    Hey! You! Yeah you! If you want the new season 2 of Attack on Titan to come out, just type #AoTMoreIt’s for the best! Let’s make it happen!

    • Gabby says:

      Hey! You! Yeah you! If you want the new season 2 of Attack on Titan to come out, just type #AoTMore  It’s for the best! Let’s make it happen!

    • isabell says:

      there already planning a second season for 2015 (September is what I heard)
      season 1 (both parts) covered captures 1-31 and they want to keep as close to the manga as they can 

  4. Jackson says:

    hey you say this it a movie but this just a trailer!! fuck you!!!

  5. Stina says:

    Hey could anyone tell me the song title that’s playing? I’m DYING to know !

  6. Steven says:

    Does anyone else think the English dubbed version is worse? I watched the 1st season on Netflix and enjoy the Japanese version with English subtitles so much more. 

    • Cuyler says:

      The English versions of animes usually have really cheesy-sounding voices. They don’t sound as “into it” — they sound like they’re reading lines from a script.

    • CREE says:

      A lot of animes are like that, i would recommend watching the english sub-title versions more then the dubbed. Unless you really hate sub titles.

  7. saeed says:

    I supposed it wouldn’t be too hard to cut some of those episodes down into a couple movies worth of material. But still, I would rather get a second season.

  8. ReViLz says:

    fuuuuuuuuuuu can’t wait

  9. Xero says:

    sooo it’s the story up to the battle of Troust arc

  10. Scott says:

    just watch the show on Netflix

    • Crocket says:

      Just now learning that it is just a retelling of Season 1 makes me so less excited. I want the story to continue!!

      • niizuma says:

        fall 2015 for season 2 
        the 2 compilation films and live action movie will lead into season 2!! get hyped season 2 makes season 1 look like nothing by comparison