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The First Nature Doc for the Oculus Rift is Coming

There’s a nature documentary coming to the Oculus Rift, so you can basically put yourself into the middle of the action. Or the sky. It’s called Conquest of the Skies, and it’s by famed documentarian David Attenborough.

Atlantic Productions, which is developing Conquest of the Skies, is developing a slate of 3D nature documentaries, with this one targeting the Oculus Rift VR headset. Speaking with Real Screen in Cannes, Atlantic’s commercial director said that they would be filming Conquest using an eight-camera setup so that viewers could get a full, 360° experience.

No word on how Conquest of the Skies will be distributed (or what it will cost, for that matter), but we’ll keep an eye out for more details.

HT: Real Screen via Eurogamer

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