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The Fine Bros’ STAR WARS Saga Recap (in One Take!) is Epic

Another day, another Star Wars story (well—one of many). Today we’re all about YouTube royalty and TV personalities, Benny and Rafi Fine’s educational explanation of the saga of Star Wars. In their newest video, the Fine Brothers take six minutes to completely recap the original Star Wars trilogy for anyone who may not have seen them just yet. (Who are you, by the way?) All of it is done in a single take, and with very few slip-ups, which means they either have amazing memories or an impressive stock of cue cards behind the camera.

The brothers decide to tackle their recap in release order, starting with A New Hope and working through the entirety of the original trilogy. They hit every major plot point that can be found in the first three films, mostly skipping over the prequel trilogy. (It’s obvious the Fine Brothers agree with a large percentage of Star Wars fans about the prequels.)

What’s particularly impressive is how they manage to tell the entire story of Star Wars in one take (watch more than once to catch everything). They do still stumble once or twice, but based on how many times they had to restart in the blooper reel below, I think a momentary lapse here or there is inconsequential.

Be sure to check out more of their recap videos over at their Fine Brothers Entertainment and REACT channels on YouTube. Do you feel they should have gone into more detail about the prequels? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Image: Fine Brother Entertainment

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