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The Dark Knight Rises… In Your Living Room


You merely adopted the act of watching awesome movies in the comfort of your own home; Warner Bros. Home Entertainment was born in it, molded by it, and to prove it, they’re releasing one of the summer’s biggest hits, The Dark Knight Rises, on Blu-ray and DVD. Coming on December 4th, you can be the hero Christmas needs and the one it deserves by bringing home a Blu-ray Combo Pack for $35.99, a single disc DVD for $28.98 or digitally. Even a former billionaire like Bruce Wayne could afford one of these bad boys.

Like any good detective, you’ll probably want to investigate what makes this package special. Well, the combo pack comes with a special Bat Cowl collectible package and includes scores of behind-the-scenes production materials, a documentary about the evolution of the Batmobile, a bonus doc about the the final film’s making-of, and a slew of trailers and art galleries to make sure that the only thing you’ll be leaving the living room for is another glass of Fernet Branca (so you can really get in the zone while watching).

Not too shabby, huh? However, if you’re a habitual collector like Bruce Wayne (really, who needs a giant penny?), then you’ll want to snag The Dark Knight Trilogy Limited Edition Giftset, which is also avalable on December 4th. Including Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, the single collection comes with all of the aforementioned goodies as well as a special book exclusive to the collection. If they took you any deeper into Batman’s world, they’d have to kill your parents. At least you’d be a billionaire though with a sweet family mansion, so try to look on the bright side.

(And here’s the inevitable Editor’s Note: As you know, the movie was produced by Legendary Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Entertainment, and Syncopy, and Nerdist Industries is part of Legendary now. We’re still editorially independent; we did want you to know that this thing is coming out, because we’ll all be queuing up to buy it just like you)

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  1. Aaron for President says:

    Aaron, and those who agree with him had the most valid point of anyone who has posted thus far. Extras are cool but not necessary therefore I will be purchasing this DVD which is cheaper

  2. franco says:

    my god people, here the blu rays cost at least 40 dollars, (20.000 pesos) but i agree that it better be a lot of extras to make it worth the purchase. I’m getting Ted in december.

  3. Dick says:

    Great news.Look forward to completing the Greatest Trilogy Ever by the Greatest Director Ever.People stop feeding the trolls.the reason why people bitch on these sites is all about Reaction.they wldnt be on here in the first place if they didnt care or just want to cause a Riot. anarchy people,thats what they want.

  4. Paul says:

    Note: I totally didn’t mind this advertisement for something I’m eagerly awaiting.

  5. Drakeo says:

    $30 for a single DVD?

    I can understand if it was a 2 Disc DVD in a Tin Cover with either a mini figurine or a USB pack then it would justifiy the price.

    I hope Warner reconsiders and does that or at least do a 2 Disc version before the release date or do like they’ve been doing lately with the DC animnated movies that for those that don’t want to by the blu-ray and want to get the 2 disc version,then they have to wait another month and release the 2 Disc version

    but I digress…

  6. bitten says:

    Aaron ftw

    Nate, you want proof Nolan didn’t want to do the film. you did see it, right? lacklustre and uninspired colour by numbers drivel is what it is.

    ultraviolet. does anybody actually use that? gimme an iTunes copy thanks.

  7. bitten says:

    Aaron ftw

  8. Rainy Essa says:

    Can we pre-order?

  9. VideoRay says:

    People being in the video and comic industries. You people are full of something.$30.00 is. Way too low !!!
    Ask any studio what should a new A release should retail at they will say the VHS retail price which technely still in effect $107.95 + Tax. Crying that most DVDs between $5.00 & $40,00 is too much your totally full of it !
    These sell thru prices aren’t here to help the consumer they just serverly under value a tremendous value. Case in point Blockbusters and Hollywood video had five day rentals at a redicolusily low price, not for any Benifit to the consumer just to knock out their competition and close down their underperforming stores that’s the only reason they had five day rentals. Don’t cry about prices that are too low as they are ! They will surly go up way more then they should and less options to see product will happen to paraphrase another comic great the priced soon will go. Up up and away!

  10. kimber45 says:
    I would like to refer everyone to the following rules: 11, 12 & 14.
    Thank you, that is all.

  11. Black Hole Sun says:

    “If they took you any deeper into Batman’s world, they’d have to kill your parents.”

    Wow, nice way to keep it tasteful.

  12. oscar says:

    no deleted Bane-scenes? no buy.

  13. Parvati says:

    I think Aaron’s comments about DVD prices are valid (and he also makes a good point about the use of quotation marks…) DVDs are generally cheaper than BluRays, and with good reason – BluRays are better quality and usually have more bonus features. But odds are this DVD will end up being cheaper anyway. *shrugs*

    As far as I can figure it, Christopher Nolan only seemed hesitant about ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ because he didn’t want to make a third film just for the sake of making money. See his final answer in this interview: and the beginning of this article: Once he decided that there was more he could do with Batman, then it seems like he 100% committed himself to making ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Which I loved, by the way, awesome film!

    So, what I’m trying to say is… people are allowed to have their own opinions and personal tastes for films and music, but don’t get personal, okay guys? 🙂

  14. AaronIsADumbName says:

    Well Mr. Aaron, looks like we’ve started a fun little altercation here.

    In your second post, you said that Christopher Nolan “…didn’t even want to do this movie” (appreciate my correct use of quotations). Are you best friends with Mr. Nolan, or did you hear this from a little bird? Unless you have a credible source to support this claim, it is null and void. In fact, some revered film critics would go as far to say that TDKR was more enjoyable than The Dark Knight (if you don’t believe me, just read Leonard Maltin’s critique, found here Now I come to my real question; why would you want to spread slanderous rumours about one of the greatest modern directors if you value films enough to only purchase them in the highest available quality? Surely there is a driving force behind this unprovoked attack on Mr. Nolan’s work ethic. Who hurt you Aaron, who hurt you?

  15. Troy says:

    @Aaron – I like you, don’t listen to “Clayton Diamond”.

  16. Jeff C says:

    UltraViolet digital copy? Ugh. What a waste. Hey Warner Bros, can we have a choice to get an iTunes copy instead??

  17. Jeff C says:

    Crap. UltraViolet digital copy? Ugh. What a waste. Hey Warner Bros, can we have a choice to get an iTunes copy instead??

  18. Nate says:

    @Aaron, Since you seem like such a smart guy. Show me some proof that Nolan did not want to do this film. I would love to see it. Something tells me that’s just your opinion. Heads up, you aren’t Christopher Nolan, so how the fuck would you know?

    P.S. I agree with the DVD thing 30 is outrageous but again it probably wont be the final sale price.

  19. Mike says:

    Amazon is your best friend for Blu-Rays on release day. Usually find them anywhere from $5-$30 cheaper.

  20. Clayton Dimond says:

    @Aaron Shut up, no one likes you.

  21. Aaron says:

    Since people seem to continue misreading my tone and not allowing me to have an opinion, allow me to change my tone and feed sh!t to the trolls who seem to want to feed it to me.


    1. WTF does not buying DVDs have to do with my opinions on films I see in the theater? I don’t buy DVDs because I have a Blu-ray player. I also listen to CDs and not cassette tapes… does that mean I’m not allowed to have opinions on music?

    2. I used quotation marks because I was quoting someone. That’s an appropriate use of quotes. Some would even say it is in the name. They are, however, typically not used when making unprovoked, derogatory comments about someone, as you so did. You think someone who is a writer for a blog would know how to use them properly. Or maybe not. I read the first paragraph of your “Wolverine” post on that movie blog and found a typo in the first paragraph (learn the difference between it’s and its).

    That’s right, I am hurling personal insults now. But hey, you started it.

  22. Dan Casey says:

    Also, @Kyle said it best: “The price is just the MSRP, they will be cheaper when they are released.”

  23. Dan Casey says:

    Let’s keep it civil, fellow Gothamites! @Aaron, although your points are well taken, the DVD edition comes with a digital copy via Ultraviolet and plenty of special features, including a mini-doc called “The Journey of Bruce Wayne”, which should help justify the $30 cost. The important thing is that you can watch Batman cavort in your living room, should you choose to do so.

  24. Ben Z says:

    I just spent $20 at Target for Avengers. It came with a 3D-Blu Ray, regular Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Download, 90 minute extra feature stuff and a music download. I’m not even a big extras guy, but $30 seems like a lot. Is there going to be a cheaper version? I’m not dropping $30 on Dark Knight Rises, so I will vote with my wallet and wait til it comes way down in price if that’s the case.

  25. Leah says:

    Well it’s nice to know that people who don’t bother buying DVDs have such impassioned opinions about movies, considering blu-ray has only been the sole HD option for about 4 years.

    Also who seem to “not understand” the purpose of “quotation marks” other than to be “an asshat”

  26. Aaron says:

    I don’t buy DVDs, only Blu-rays, which is why I made the comment. Blu-rays usually go for around $30, which is why I thought it was ridiculous that DVDs would go for the same price.

    … “great movies like this one.”? Really? Christopher Nolan didn’t even want to do this movie. This movie was him phoning it in all the way. I saw it in the theater day of release and was whole-heartedly not impressed. But I’ve done my part in “helping to keep the entertainment business alive”, so I’ll pass on picking this up.

  27. Rey says:

    Oh, Aaron, calm down. 30 dollars is the retail price and there will be deals to be had at myriad shops. So buy a copy and sit back and enjoy the movie knowing that you’re helping to keep the entertainment business alive so they’ll release more great movies like this one.

    Otherwise, enjoy your free Honey Boo-Boo reruns.

  28. Kyle says:

    The price is just the MSRP, they will be cheaper when they are released.

  29. Aaron says:

    Are DVDs really going for $30 these days? Man, this world is going to shit…