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The CW Green-Lights FLASH, New Rob Thomas Show and More

Yesterday, Arrow delivered quite possibly the best episode the series has ever produced, and two days ago Supernatural annihilated with an episode featuring the conclusion of the Abaddon arc. You’d think that would be enough for The CW to stay in the news cycle for the next couple days, but clearly they didn’t think so, as the network has revealed the fates of many new shows and pilots, the following of which we know you’ll want to hear about:

iZombie – The Rob Thomas, DC comic book adaptation has officially been picked up to series.

Flash – The planted Arrow spin-off has been officially picked up to series.

The 100 – The post-apocalyptic, YA adaptation has been renewed for a second season.

Supernatural: Bloodlines – The planted, Chicago set Supernatural spin-off will not be moving forward.

The Tomorrow People – The remake of the classic Roger Price series has been cancelled.

In addition to the already announced renewals of Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Reign, and The Originals, it’s clear The CW is very much dead-set on remaining in the genre game (the only non-genre programming on the network being Hart of Dixie (renewed) and Whose Line Is It Anyway?) It’s not surprising since The CW has very much been about creating series that appeal to young audiences, many of whom love that type of programming.

As we mentioned at the top of this story, Arrow and Supernatural just delivered some of their best episodes to date. Point being, The CW knows quality, and there should be no doubt they’ve made some solid choices here. Also, they’re giving us a new Rob Thomas show, which should be enough to soften the sting of no more Tomorrow People (did you guys see that finale? How cool was that?)

Other series set for the fall include: The Messengers, Jane the Virgin and Beauty and the Beast.

What are you looking forward to seeing out of The CW next season?

Image: The CW

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  1. Tim says:

    If they didn’t do that last arc with John, the Tomorrow people would have finished on a fairly closed off note. I think it’s still a great season, and if you cut it off at “we’re gonna need a bigger lair” then it makes for a fairly well structured story. 

  2. Lin Green says:

    I am in agreement with Dave Darrel – I loved the Tomorrow People – I remember watching the original one from Thames broadcasting when I was kid. This series was a fresh take on the old and it never got the chance to really build the following it deserved. Moving it around from one night to another is a sure fire way to kill it before it begins – that showed a lack of faith in the show and the audience. People who love a show set their work schedules to be off to watch them – when you move the show around it mucks up the works and causes the show to lose viewership. The Promised Story Arch that was building has the potential to not only build and hold new viewers but reward those of us who remained loyal through the time and day changes. We Deserve to see that story arch through! Don’t leave us hanging! Please at least give it another season and allow it to come to a closure that will tie up the story arch, show the network that the viewers are really there for the show, and will at the very least give those of us who cared about these characters a proper conclusion to where it left off. Nothing is worse for a fan than to have so many questions left unanswered. thank you – PLEASE bring it back!!

  3. Dave Darrel says:

    I’m thoroughly disappointed at the cancellation of the tomorrow people. I get completely disgusted when networks have a decent show and then end it on a high note and we never know what happens next.