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The Best Worst of Jessica Chobot 2016

Merry Christmas aftermath! While some of you may be chasing the post-Christmas deals or enjoying the feels with family and friends, the Nerdist News team is still working hard to close out the final week of 2016. And what better way to celebrate the end of the year than our annual compilation of the Best Worst Nerdist News moments of our very own host, Jessica Chobot!

Yes, that’s right. These are the moments you’ve never seen, as Jessica drops F-bombs left and right and challenges senior editor Dan Casey in a Pokémon Go duel inside the Nerdist offices! But mostly these are the silliest moments of daily Nerdist News recordings that didn’t quite make the final cut. Like the time Jessica’s hand was stuck in her hair before the taping, or the many occasions where she just couldn’t keep herself from laughing or flubbing a line. And can you blame her? It’s been a very strange year for all of us.

This year, we’ve got a pair special…or should we say “stranger” guests to help Jessica introduce this year’s clip reel. Watch as Stranger Things co-creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, a.k.a. the Duffer Bros., come by to help Jessica introduce this year’s clips. And by help, we mean that they’re gonna make as many out of context ’80s references as they can within just a few minutes of screen time. It’s like getting an early preview of Stranger Things season 2!

What were your favorite Best Worst Jessica Chobot moments from 2016? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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