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THE AVENGERS Is Totally Different When Cut Like WATCHMEN

It was just earlier this week we brought you a brand new mash-up from editor extraordinaire, The Unusual Suspect, in the form of a Star Wars trailer done in the style of the upcoming mega-blockbuster, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Now, realizing the Marvel superhero team may deserve some screen time of their own, Suspect has put together yet another mash-up, this time mixing those that which should never come together: Marvel and DC. Check it out:

It’s interesting how well Avengers seems to fit with the tone of the Watchmen trailer, and there are a couple possibilities for why.

One reason could be that Unusual Suspect is just a really good editor, but another option worth considering is the style – or rather lack thereof – of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some, not all, but some do complain at times about the fictional universe’s lack of visual flair. However, that lack of visual flair doesn’t actually exist because it’s poorly done; it exists so no one property feels out of place. All the movies are of a piece.

Iron Man feels like he can play in Thor’s world because there’s a sense of visual consistency among the franchises, which is of course because they all share the same reality. So, the reason The Avengers can work so well when mashed-up to act like Watchmen is because the franchise itself is, for the case of this argument, a blank canvass that can be made to support any reality. And that’s just one of the many reasons we love the MCU so much.

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  1. NotKBToys says:

    Um. Yes.

  2. Kyle says:


  3. LAB says:

    That is amazing – I had to go back and watch the Watchmen trailer.

  4. Brian says:

    UNusual suspect. Damn, did no one proofread this article?