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That Was Quick! An Extended “Day of the Doctor” Trailer

No sooner have we marveled at the 41 second “Day of the Doctor” teaser do we get another one that’s 1 minute 20 seconds. We get a lot more interaction between the Doctors, a lot more glimpses of Rose, Time War stuff, a couple of well-known catchphrases, and even a shot (at 25 seconds in) of someone in the distance who sure does cut the same silhouette as the Eighth Doctor. Could it be?


By all reports, this is very similar to the Comic-Con footage, so now we all know what everybody was keeping secret, which is bloody impressive. I can’t wait to see Tennant and Smith as each other’s sidekick. I think it’s going to be brilliant. Sonic envy. Genius, love it. Does this trailer make you more or less excited? Or the same amount?

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  1. Keyaan says:

    When you think about it, that’s got to be the right anersw.

  2. Ben Z says:

    Allyne, I think you’re doing the sex wrong.

  3. Josh Zeller says:

    CANNOT WAIT!!! The two of them have a great chemistry. Great nod to The Three Doctors too.

  4. Torrid says:

    So this was a nice spoiler!
    They’re making it more and more pointless to watch the actual show. Like when they revealed Cappaldi. Here I am waiting to go bonkers when they air the show and he is revealed during the episode, and they’re all just like. “Just so you know it’s this guy, so you don’t have to spend another 45 minutes of your life lost in magic and wonderment.

  5. Vicki L. says:

    That was just….. wow. I had to watch it twice just to get over the initial giddiness, and I’ll probably have to watch it a couple more times.

  6. Matt says:

    I love the call back to Time Crash. This is shaping in to something magnificent. Also we finally get closure to the Time War!

  7. ThePonds says:

    where are the ponds? seriously, it seems like everybody shows up ut them!

  8. cristian says:

    John Hurt is The Valeyard that dark violent side of The Doctor that comes out when he has given up all hope

  9. Major Bedhead says:

    Y’know, my birthday is next week, but I’m just dying for it to pass by so it can be the 23rd. God, I can’t wait for this.

  10. Nick says:

    This movie has David Tennant and Matt smith? I don’t know if I can handle this.

  11. Dawn says:

    My plans are made!! I can’t wait to see Matt and David together!!

  12. King Kracka says:

    What Kimber said. The silhouette is clearly Kate Stewart.

  13. Allyne says:

    I’d like to correct that date to November 23!!! Sorry, I was so excited I couldn’t control myself!!!! And I am totally going to see it on the 25th in 3D!!!

  14. Allyne says:

    OMG!!! I am so excited!! I can not wait!! I wish the Doctor would show up at my door right now and ask me where I wanted to go. My answer would be November 25, him, the sofa, and a big bowl of popcorn!!! The more I see/here/read the more excited I get!!! This is so much better than sex!!!!

  15. Kimber says:

    That silhouette is Kate Stewart. Not the 8th Doctor.

  16. Kathleen says:

    Can’t wait until the 23rd!!!! Looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. tangeria says:

    welp, that’s it. i am officially useless until the 23rd.

  18. Gillan for Medusa says:

    Sigh.You wait months for a trailer and suddenly two appear in like ,five minutes.I’m sure it’s going to look even better with added 3D and yowza!There will be sonic screwdrivers,Daleks begging for pity,cake and awesome.

  19. SallyScrive says:

    Can’t wait! This extended version is amazing. I’ll die, i know.

  20. DJ Jarak says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, God, yes!

  21. -Di. says:

    If the 8th Doctor is in the 50th, I can’t even imagine my joy.. But that could be 11’s silhouette.

    I’m more excited (if that was even possible).

  22. Jason says:



  23. Matt says:

    Just makes it look more and more that John Hurt is the Doctor that destroys Gallifrey…. UGH I cannot wait!

    It’s gonna be amazeballs!