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Edible TERMINATOR Candy Skull

Back in 1984, who would have thought that 31 years later The Terminator would make good on his promise and actually be back for the fifth time on the big screen? In just a few weeks, Terminator Genisys hits theaters hoping for some of that much sought-after summer box office sweetness.

While there have been many iterations of Terminators over the years, we can only hope that this most recent one is made out of candy. Since that’s unlikely, I’ve made my own molded out of white chocolate and made to look like a Terminator with the help of black icing and Hot Tamales. I can see it now, the T-800 crushing Candy Terminator’s sugar skull and eating the pieces in triumph. James Cameron, call me. I’ve got ideas. (They all involve candy.)

terminator candy head recipe-06222015

Terminator Candy Skull
you’ll need:
skull candy mold
-decorating brush

-6 ounces bright white candy melts
edible silver shimmer dust
-black icing
-two Hot Tamale candies
-white icing

Melt the white candy melts according to package directions and pour into the skull mold. Freeze to set, then carefully release from the mold.

Once the chocolate has come to room temp, use a clean decorating brush to brush edible silver pearl dust all over the surface of the skull, leaving the teeth area white. Add a few coats of pearl dust to get a silver shine.

Using a #2 tip, pipe black icing details on the top of the skull, teeth, and fill in the eye socket and nose area.

Cut the ends off the Hot Tamale candies and place into the eye sockets. Using a #2 tip, add a small amount of white icing in the center for eye detail.

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