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Red Robin Unveils a New TERMINATOR GENISYS Burger

Eat this burger if you want to live. This summer Arnold Schwarzenegger makes good on his “I’ll be back” promise when he returns to his iconic role in Terminator Genisys which hits theaters on July 1st. Not only is he back, he’s back with more cross-promotions than ever.

The gourmet burger chain Red Robin has used Skynet synthetic intelligence to create the ultimate Terminator- themed burger. The Genisys Burger is a beast of a meal. It’s a fire-grilled beef patty topped with roasted jalapeno, pepper jack cheese, shredded romaine, bacon, tomatoes and jalapeno aioli, served on a new jalapeno-cornmeal bun.

Genysis Burger-06182015

One of the best parts of this promotion is that you can go onto the burger’s own interactive page on the Red Robin website and play around. Use your own red-robotic eye (a.k.a. your mouse) to scroll around the burger looking for targets. Perhaps the most disturbing was, “Objective Parameters: Flavorful crunch. Weapon of Choice: Bacon.” which focused its red eye on some poor little pigs. Hasta la vista, piggies.

Red Robin also offers up a signature cocktail for the film, the Blue Haze. They refer to it as the “T-800” of cocktails, served in a tiki glass “filled to the brim with Captain Morgan® spiced rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, agave nectar, sweet and sour with a lemon squeeze and a strategically-placed cherry to mimic the Terminator’s infamous red eye.” Yum?

Known for its Burger and a Movie promotions, Red Robin is offering a free movie ticket to see Terminator Genisys when guests purchase a $25 limited edition Red Robin gift card. Red Robin is also encouraging guests to share pictures of themselves eating the Genisys Burger and using the hashtag #RRillbeback (clever) on Twitter and Instagram. One winner will be selected each week to win free Red Robin burgers for a year during the first month the movie is in theatres. A year of burgers? That’s one way to take down the Resistance.

The Red Robin Terminator Genisys Burger is available now for a limited time. Terminator Genisys opens in theaters July 1, 2015.

Will you attempt the Genisys Burger? Let us know in the comments below and tag us on Twitter and Instagram so we can see the damage!

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