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Nerdist News Talks Back

Talking THE MUMMY, MARY POPPINS, Jerry Seinfeld Avoiding Kesha

While the world is keeping their eyes glued to Twitter for any bit of information about James Comey’s hearing tomorrow, we are just trying to keep our gosh darn heads on straight and get through the week. And what better way to do that then by assembling a Nerdist News Talks Back quorum to talk about everything from apparently lukewarm The Mummy reviews, fanciful new photos of Marry Poppins, and an exceptionally uncomfortable clip of Jerry Seinfeld refusing a hug from Kesha : ( ?

AND WHO DO WE HAVE ON TODAY’S EP; I’M GLAD YOU ASKED. We’ve got Nerdist News Host and for-all-we-know-the-resurrected-mummy-of-queen-Nefertiti Jessica Chobot, Nerdist’s associate editor and Youngest Poop Boy, Kyle Anderson, and Nerdist’s managing editor and friend to all dogs, Alicia Lutes. Oooweee, it’s sure to be a wild ride.


Okay, so first thing’s first: How bad is The Mummy actually? We know that reception has been pretty dicey so far–check that tepid 26% on Rotten Tomatoes–but what were we really expecting from this? It looks like a big, dumb movie, and a great excuse for Tommy C to flex his perennial leading man chops before we get the sequel to Top Gun.

Moving right along: this new Marry Poppins movie looks fancy as f-ck! This morning, Entertainment Weekly unveiled our first real glimpses of Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda in character and the images looks bright and in spirit with the story of the magical umbrella riding nanny. Better hope that magical umbrella is built for five, though:

And finally, the most important story of the day: Jerry Seinfeld refused to hug Kesha, and it was really sad to watch. Here are some errant thoughts about why before these two inevitably hug on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for a silly bit.

-This is not the first time Jerry has played hard to get with his hugs. Exhibit A:


-Kesha has had a legitimately tough narrative over the last few years, so if anyone needs/deserves a hug, it is her. That is partly why this is so sad to watch.

-BUT Jerry was in the middle of a comedic bit for an interview and she interrupted him, so there is not much you can really expect in that situation! Timing and context is everything!

-At least Jerry was polite about the whole thing. “No thanks” and “I wish her the best” are kind of the only things you can say in a situation where you refuse a hug to a pop singer that you are unaware of.


How are you guys feeling about The Mummy reviews? Are you more bummed by the Kesha-hug sitation? I know I sure am.

Featured Image: Universal

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