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Take Off for Adventure with These Fun Kid Superhero Capes

We’ve all had childhood dreams of being a superhero. Tying on a cape made of bedsheets, teetering on the edge of the living room couch, and leaping off in a single bound. It’s a childhood memory that never leaves us and is built on imagination.

Lane Huerta of Lovelane Designs has taken that idea and to the next level by creating fanciful handmade capes and play attire. With a background in art and design, Huerta created #PlayHard, a line inspired by her 3-year-old daughter Clementine. Like all kids, her daughter loved to create, play and fly and Huerta created her designs for all kids who love to dream.

Made for both girls and boys, the gender-neutral designs are bold in color with whimsical patterns and prints. The bright Tiger Cape shows off a wild side while the Magical Unicorn cape will appeal to those who dream big. All the capes are reversible which is great because we all know that kid’s interests and favorite colors can change on a dime.

One of the most ingenious designs is the Pirate Cloak. It too is reversible but with a hidden treasure map on the opposite side. Great for a variety of activities when your kid is having a particularly adventurous day.

Lovelane Wing Girl-05192015
(all images by Lyn Bonham Photography)

Every superhero outfit needs accessories and the Lovelane Designs store obliges with matching cuffs, hats, and crowns. That winged hat? It’s a necessity, not only in play but in life.

These empowering, playful costumes are full of fun and adventure and are a great idea for hours of screen-free play time. My only question is, does the kid Unicorn Cape come in XXXX…XL? Asking for a friend. (Me.)

Check out all of Lovelane Designs on their website and etsy store.

Who would you gift one of these adventurous capes to? Let us know in the comments!

HT: Daily Life


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