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Superpower Pill Addiction Hits Rock Bottom in JACKED # 4 (Exclusive)

Josh Jaffe is the modern age Superman…and that means huge problems for Josh! Somehow, a batch of a mail order drug named Jacked has given superhuman abilities (and several unintended consequences) to a middle-aged married father of two.

During one of Josh’s “heroic” episodes, he beat his neighbor Damon into a coma and made himself a target for Damon’s underworld connections. Now Josh is on the run with Damon’s girlfriend, Jessica, and desperate for more pills. At the end of the last issue, Damon came out of his coma fully aware of who put him there!

Our exclusive preview from Jacked #4 finds Josh meeting the creator of Jacked, Dr. Asher Swartz, a man last seen getting a beating from the ATF in issue #2. In order to get more pills, Josh and Jessica are gonna need to make some very dangerous decisions…

Jacked # 4 page 6

You can read the entire preview of Jacked # 4 in our gallery below. Here’s Vertigo’s solicitation copy for the issue.

“Josh Jaffee has been a superhero just long enough to make some powerful enemies—but the worst one might be his own growing addiction. Caught between vengeance-seeking drug lords and crippling withdrawal, what will Josh sacrifice to get his next fix?”

Jacked was created and written by Eric Kripke, the creator of Supernatural and Revolution. Joining Kripke on art is John Higgins, with artist Marc Olivent making a special contribution to the latest issue and Glenn Fabry and Ryan Brown as the cover artists.

Jacked # 4 cover

Vertigo will release Jacked # 4 this Wednesday, February 24.

What did you think about the preview for Jacked # 4? Pop a pill and share your thoughts below!


Image Credits: Vertigo Comics


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