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SUPERNATURAL Recap: Lucifer Asks Sam to Set Him Free

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Supernatural episode “The Devil in the Details.” If you haven’t watched it yet, hop into the Impala and drive away.

Supernatural’s midseason finale left Sam and Dean in precarious positions. Sam was trapped in the cage with Lucifer and Dean had just made out with Amara before getting front row seats to an impromptu smiting. “The Devil in the Detail” picked the story up where it left off, and things didn’t exactly take a happy turn. But you know how it goes. You’re a Supernatural fan, after all. You know to expect the worst. There was one tiny ray of sunshine, however: Sam put his foot down.

Most of the episode was about Lucifer trying to influence Sam. He desperately wanted the younger Winchester brother to be his vessel again. He played the game so well, too. Lucifer is known as the prince of lies, but here, he succeeded by telling the truth… the truth according to his point of view, at least. Lucifer used Sam’s love for his brother and Sam’s failures to try to needle him into being bold and strong again. Of course, Lucifer’s definition of bold and strong is Sam agreeing to be his vessel.

And here’s the thing. Lucifer wasn’t wrong about everything. He pointed out Sam’s weakness: Dean. Lucifer’s line, “Instead of choosing the world, you choose each other,” was painfully accurate. Look at the hits the world has taken because of Sam and Dean’s bond. They’ve always made things right, but they’ve probably made a few situations worse.

Mark Pellegrino has a way of making Lucifer come across like a disappointed dad, and so convincingly. I know who he is and why he’s dangerous, but even I almost fell for his smooth talk. Sam, surprisingly, resisted. He said he’s ready to die and ready to watch those around him die. He remained logical and pointed out Lucifer didn’t take down the Darkness by himself before; he had God and three archangels by his side. Go, Sam! I’m proud of you.

Lucifer, I’m also happy with you for mentioning Michael again. The explanation about his absence was fleeting, but at least we learned he’s still in the cage. But how did he not come up after Rowena put Lucifer back in? Like, why weren’t Sam and Dean asking Rowena to extract Adam/Michael? He’s their half-brother, for crying out loud.

Castiel didn’t take Sam’s approach. Maybe he took the drastic leap because he encountered Amara and her handiwork firsthand. Related: the explanation behind Dean’s having become ill because of post-smiting fallout was a nice world-building tidbit. If Cas was desperate enough to allow himself to be Lucifer’s vessel, he must have been scared. His actions speak volumes about the threat of the Darkness, who has already been established as rather frightening.

While I would have preferred no one let Lucifer jump them, it was refreshing that it didn’t happen to Dean or Sam. Saving Cas, once they figure out he’s not himself, will give the brothers something else to unite for. Plus, could anything be more wonderfully bizarre and terrific than Misha Collins putting Pellegrino’s spin on Castiel? I don’t think so.

Lucifer, Cas, and Sam got the brunt of the story this week, but Crowley and Rowena had some moments as well. As dysfunctional as their relationship is, you can see there’s love present. It’s buried underneath layers of ambition, resentment, and heavens knows how much emotional clutter, but it’s there. Rowena’s dream revealed that. I’m convinced the dream sequence only came about because one of the writers decided they wanted to put Mark Sheppard in pajamas.

Crowley had probably the sweetest moment we’ve ever seen him exchange with his mother right before Lucifer killed her. Well, it was as sweet as it could be considering he was controlling her. Yes, she met an abrupt end… but, of course, this is Supernatural. I don’t think she’s gone forever.

Random Observations

  • Crowley’s voicemail was so cordial and delightful. He can be quite the classy fellow.
  • I love that there are angels focusing on birth and death statistics.
  • The effect of the light coming back after Amara devoured the angel’s grace was well done.

How do you feel about Castiel being Lucifer’s vessel? Do you think Rowena’s permanently dead? Talk to me in the comments.


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