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“Superman Unbound”‘s Molly Quinn

In Superman: Unbound, out today, Superman needs all the help he can get to take on Brainiac, and back-up is coming in the form of his cousin Kara Zor-El, a/k/a. Supergirl. Based on Geoff Johns’ “Brainiac” storyline from Action Comics, the movie finds Supergirl still fresh to Earth and finding her feet as a superhero. For this iteration of Kara, voice-director Andrea Romano called in a young actress she had worked with on Ben 10, Molly Quinn. You may know her from her day job as Nathan Fillion’s daughter on Castle. We caught up with the actress to talk about Supergirl, her favorite comics and what comic book movie she’d love to be in.

To start things off, Molly said that when she first got offered the part, she wasn’t that familiar with Superman’s cousin or her exploits. “I really didn’t know anything about Supergirl…. Superman was never a comic that I really immersed myself in, so I had to do some research. Luckily, I had enough time to cram it all in before I played her. I read most of the comics that involved Supergirl, because I really wanted to know her beginnings.”

As she began to talk about different iterations of the character, she showed some insight into the young hero. “I think most people lose who she was on Krypton before she got to Earth,” she noted.
“They portray her like she knows everything and she’s already fully Supergirl. For me, it was important to remember who she started out as, because she was a fully formed person back on Krypton. I don’t like her when she’s just like, ‘I have powers and I’m here.'” Molly has since become such a fan of the character at Wondercon, she chose to cosplay as Kara, based on a pinup of the character by J. Scott Campbell.

“I really liked Apocalypse,” Quinn responded when asked for her favorite version of Supergirl. “It was based on the Superman/Batman story that reintroduced her to the comics. Summer Glau was great in it.” Apparently, Molly isn’t as territorial as other Super-voice actors. She even took inspiration from the actresses that have played the role before: “I looked at everything and took the best stuff from all of them and tried to mix it together and put myself in there. We’ve all brought something to the character.”

Asked which comics she actively reads, she rolled off a pretty diverse selection. “I was a big X-Men kid. That was my main book. But now… I like Umbrella Academy. I would love to play The Rumor or The White Violin. I still like Sailor Moon. I just found out there’s a new manga coming out soon. Batgirl is amazing. I would love to be able to do something where I get to be Batgirl.”

Based on her performance as Supergirl, we’re definitely in favor of her getting that chance.

Superman: Unbound is out on Blu-ray, DVD and digitally now. You can also enter to win a Superman: Unbound autographed script cover and Blu-ray Combo Pack on our contest page. Just enter your email and  then go to our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages for extra entries.


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  1. Earl says:

    ha. nathan fillion jumping out. thats funny

  2. matt says:

    just finished watching it on Blu Ray. She was pretty good as Supergirl. My only fussiness is how they ended the story. Clearly they wanted to give it an ending instead of leaving it open for the New Krypton storyline.

  3. PoddSocks says:

    Molly Quinn is the perfect Kara. excellent casting.

  4. Marty says:

    Molly is amazing, but when I look at her I get the weird feeling that Nathan Fillion is going to jump out and thump me.