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SUPERGIRL Recap: “The Last Children of Krypton” Say Goodbye

SUPERGIRL Recap: “The Last Children of Krypton” Say Goodbye

Editor’s Note: This post includes spoilers for Supergirl. If you haven’t watched yet, proceed with caution. 

Last week, Supergirl not only debuted on a brand new channel, but also introduced fans to Kara’s cousin, Clark Kent. Sure, DC fans are no stranger to the Man of Steel, but Tyler Hoechlin’s take on Superman, and his relationship with Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl was an absolute delight. The reunion, however, was a short one, as Clark is already headed back to his life with Lois Lane in Metropolis. For a full rundown on the state he left Kara in at the end of the episode, keep on reading!


At the beginning of the episode, we got another seriously adorable team-up between super-cousins Clark and Kara. On top of making a great team, it was nice seeing Kara embrace her powers alongside a fellow Kryptonian. Though Alex has always been there for her, Kara feels a deep connection with Clark, and was therefore devastated when he broke the news to her that his own city (Metropolis) needed him again. It looks like the honeymoon is over, folks.

When the duo sees coverage of a man threatening to jump off a bridge, Clark and Kara speed off for one last team up. As expected, the mysterious bridge-jumper happened to be Corbin (a.k.a. Metallo) who successfully lured them out to the bridge. Unfortunately for the Kryptonians, after the Cadmus group got a hold of Corbin at the end of the season two premiere, they equipped him with a device that is capable of shooting Kryptonite.

Supergirl and Superman narrowly escaped with their lives and headed back to the D.E.O headquarters. When Superman demanded to know how Cadmus had gotten their hands on kryptonite if the D.E.O. supposedly had all of it in their possession. According to Hank, a ship toting the material got stolen. The bad news is it means the corporation has a mole. The fact that it’s in Cadmus’ hands is a bad sign. As Alex pointed out, they also have her father.


After the excitement, Kara set out on her first day as a journalist. She quickly learned that simply getting hired doesn’t mean her new boss, Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez), is going to take her seriously. When she showed up late for the editorial meeting, he fired her on the spot. She lost her chance at getting an assignment, and is officially out of the job.

As if Clark’s exit wasn’t bad enough, Kara faced another goodbye she wasn’t expecting; Cat is taking a leave of absence from Catco, and is on the hunt for something new. Echoing her advice to Kara last week, Cat is ready to dive into something new. Cat broke the news to her former assistant when Kara asked for help with Carr. As Cat pointed out, she won’t be around forever, so Kara is just going to have to pull up her big girl pants and prove to her new boss that she’s worth it. Their goodbye was tender, but as we recently learned from the creators, Calista Flockhart will be back at some point. They’re still working out the actress’ schedule.

With her world spiraling out of control, Kara broke down and told Alex that she wanted to leave everything behind and move to Metropolis to be with her cousin. She still has a lot to learn from Clark, and is willing to run away from her own changing life to chase after him. But Alex won’t have any of it. She broke down herself and criticized Kara for abandoning her after she gave up her own life to work at the D.E.O. and protect her.


With Cadmus working their magic on creating a new Metallo recruit, Alex and Winn are hot on the trail of the D.E.O. mole. After Winn made an off-handed remark about how the air was full of Kryptonite residue, Alex had an idea; if they used the detector, they would be able to trace the Kryptonite trail back to the thief. Alex’s suspicion was right, and the residue led them right to the locker of Agent McGill.

To trick him, Alex told McGill to prepare a transport because they need to move all of the kryptonite to Nevada. The request worked like a charm and soon McGill was right where Alex wanted him. But that also happened to be where Cadmus wanted Alex. When Alex cornered McGill, the leader of the mysterious group posed a question to her: what would life be like if the aliens weren’t on earth? But Alex didn’t take the bait. Instead, she threatened to find Cadmus once she found her father.

After finding her sister shaken, Kara apologized and they set out to take down Metallo. Their secret plan? Attack together because Cadmus won’t be expecting it. Their plan worked like a charm. With the help of Superman, Alex, and J’onn, Supergirl was able to stop Metallo. When she and Superman stopped them, Kara gave Cadmus a message. She’s going to find them.


After saying her own farewell to Cat in her Supergirl garb—remember, Cat doesn’t know Kara’s alter ego—Kara went and sat withe the mysterious Kryptonian that crash-landed at the end of season one. While we don’t get to hear anything from him yet, he reached out and tried to choke Kara before the credits roll. It’s unclear what his connection to Kara will hold in the future, but we can’t wait to find out.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you sad about Cat’s departure? Let us know in the comments below, join the conversation on Facebook, or start one with me on Twitter: @Samantha_Sofka.

Images: The CW

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