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Dear CW: It’s Time for a New SUPERMAN TV Series

On Monday, October 17, Tyler Hoechlin will make his second appearance as Clark Kent/Superman on the CW’s Supergirl series. It’s not clear when or if Hoechlin will be back on the show, but his guest spot in the second season premiere has already convinced us that the Man of Steel belongs on TV. And we want to see Hoechlin star in his own Superman series ASAP!

If there’s one word that sums up everything about Supergirl‘s take on the Last Son of Krypton, it’s “fun.” Hoechlin’s Superman actually smiles and he seems more good-natured than some of his more recent live-action counterparts. Any doubts about Hoechlin’s suitability for the role should be wiped away after his charming turn last week: he’s great in the role, and he kind of reminds us of Dean Cain’s Superman from the ’90s era of Lois & Clark.

It’s only been five years since Smallville ended its decade-long run with the briefest of glimpses of Tom Welling in costume, but in just a single episode, Supergirl proved that “tight and flights” can still work on TV for one of the most iconic hero in comics. It’s enough to make us wonder why Smallville avoided giving us that for so many years.

Right now, the only other live-action Superman is Henry Cavill in the DC Extended Universe. That version of the character is a bit dark and morose, which doesn’t always sit well with Superman fans. Hoechlin’s light-hearted performance was like a breath of fresh air, and the dual Flashes have already proven that the film and TV universes can go their separate ways without cannibalizing each other.

Why would the CW be interested in Superman if it already has Supergirl? If you think about it, Superman is the perfect choice to fill out The CW’s week of superhero dramas by landing on Friday nights. Whereas Supergirl is about a heroine at the beginning of her career, Superman is already a veteran in this universe. That’s a perspective that’s missing from most of the other CW superhero shows. Having a Superman series would also open up the door for a wider range of characters from the comics, like Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Doomsday, Brainiac, and others. The Superman films still haven’t gotten past using Lex Luthor and General Zod as their main antagonists, but the TV show could dig even deeper into his rogue’s gallery. We’d love to see Mongul and his Warworld give Superman the fight of his life. Although we could probably do without the Prankster.

Then there are the potential crossovers. Superman and Supergirl may live in a separate reality from the other DC shows, but who doesn’t want to see Hoechlin’s Man of Tomorrow race the Flash or face-off with the Green Arrow? Even DC’s Legends of Tomorrow would benefit from playing its C-list superheroes off of the original A-lister. As long as Gotham is on Fox, there’s no chance that Batman will appear in the Arrowverse, and Wonder Woman is pretty unlikely as well. But Superman is already here, and the CW should take advantage of that gift as soon as it can.

Do you think that Tyler Hoechlin should star in his own Superman series on the CW? Take flight and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image: The CW

Meanwhile, here’s John Barrowman singing about Supergirl.

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