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SUPERGIRL Recap: Medusa

SUPERGIRL Recap: Medusa

Editor’s Note: This post contains spoilers for Supergirl. Proceed with caution if you aren’t caught up yet. 

For the majority of Supergirl‘s second season, we’ve been watching several relationships develop, across the board of the romantic, familial, and platonic. Last night’s episode “Medusa” added fuel to some of these kindling fires, all the while extinguishing others. But there was a lot more to the episode than relationships, however, including a pretty noteworthy crossover. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get to it!


Ah, Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect time to eat copious amounts of food, spend time with your family, and try not to get sucked into a sudden rip in the space-time continuum. If you have experience in that last department, you’re probably a Danvers. That’s exactly how last night’s episode kicked off, with the time rip rudely interrupting Alex’s big coming out announcement.

Before the mystery behind the time portal was revealed towards the end of the episode, Kara had some other business to attend to. After reaching out to Lena to question her about her mother, Kara learned that Lena thought of herself as someone who had always come up short as a daughter. With Lex getting all the attention, Lena was left in the dust. As soon as Kara took off, Lena called her mother Lillian and told her they needed to talk.

It is unclear what the duo discussed, but at this point there are more important things at hand. While Mon-El was spending time at the speakeasy, a mysterious hooded figure showed up and set off a toxic gas that only kills aliens. Mon wasn’t in good shape following the attack. Until they found a cure, Kara’s mom Eliza was under the impression Mon-El was going to die. With his life on the line, Kara was bound and determined to find a cure.

That determination led her to L Corp. Apparently, Cadmus weaponized “Medusa,” which they obtained from the Fortress of Solitude (after gaining access via Kara’s blood). But they needed a rare isotope in order to disperse the virus. The organization’s only option was to send Cyborg Superman to grab the item from L Corp. Kara showed up to stop him, but he got away, thankfully without the isotope. Maggie was hit in the crossfire, which gave her a bit of bonding time with Alex.


Speaking of Alex, she has come along way since Maggie first suggested that she might be gay. Last night, she had several big moments, including coming out to her mother and finally getting the girl. But she wasn’t the only one who was looking within. Kara spent a fair amount of the episode preoccupied with the fact that her family is responsible for creating Project Medusa, and that they weren’t as benevolent as she thought. When J’onn reminded Kara that their legacy would be her, she calmed down.

Kara then took that very same lesson and tried to apply it to Lena Luthor’s situation with her mother. When Kara broke the news to Lena that her mother was part of Cadmus, Luthor shut her down and criticized her instead. Despite Kara telling her that she was different from her mother, Lena dismissed her and set up a meeting to see Lillian. When they met in person, Lena confronted her mother about Cadmus, then proceeded to join the dark side.

Or so Lillian thought. The mother-daughter duo teamed up to disperse the toxin throughout the city. While they were successful at executing the plan, when the bazooka finally went off, it erupted in harmless material. As it turns out, Lena had tricked her mother and called the police on her. With her cooperation, Eliza and the rest of the folks at the DEO were able to find a cure for the Medusa AND J’onn.

Aside from the main plot points, there were several smaller ones that received a lot of love last night. For starters, Alex and Maggie are finally an item! The adorable couple wasn’t the only one who kissed, however, as Kara also smooched Mon-El. Of course Mon didn’t remember any of it when he woke up feeling back to normal.

Finally, the payoff to the tear in the space-time continuum: Barry Allen returned to the show for a cross-over. It didn’t take long for Kara to realize that the tear was all thanks to Barry and Cisco, whom she’ll be seeing a lot more of (along with some others) throughout this week.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Let us know in the comments.

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