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SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY’s Latest Trailer Goes Full Musical

Later this month, Super Mario Odyssey is taking everyone’s favorite (former) plumber further than ever before on the Nintendo Switch, sending our hero to a vast array of  new worlds, including a semi-realistic urban realm known as New Donk City. While Mario may have lived there during his Donkey Kong days, we’re pretty sure that it wasn’t always the musical haven that it appears to be in Nintendo’s new live-action trailer for the game. But now that we’ve seen a hint of it, a Mario musical looks like it could be the best thing ever.

You may recognize the singer featured in the video as Pauline, the woman that Mario saved from Donkey Kong all the way back in 1981. As seen in this music video for “Jump Up, Super Star!,” Pauline is not only one of the featured performers in the city’s musical fest, she’s also the mayor. And while Mario may not be much of a singer, he’s totally up for the dancing.

One of the absolute joys of the Super Mario franchise is the way that the gameplay experience is constantly evolving with innovative new features. This trailer demonstrates several of Mario’s new abilities through his magic hat, Cappy. Almost anything that the hat lands on becomes an extension of Mario himself, as seen by his signature mustache suddenly manifesting on the faces of his enemies, and a few inanimate objects. Plus, Cappy also helps Mario cut a pretty mean rug in this video. Here’s hoping that the actual game has some of these showstopping musical moments!

If you want to download a free audio version of “Jump Up, Super Star!,” you can find it on Nintendo’s official site for the game. Super Mario Odyssey is hitting the Switch on October 27.

What did you think about this music video? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Nintendo

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