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Celebrate the Holidays with a Light-Up SUPER MARIO Wreath

November isn’t over, but we are one hundred percent ready for Christmas. Luckily for us, so are some of our favorite shops and brands, like ThinkGeek! So if you’re ready to start decorating, they’ve created this incredibly festive Super Mario themed holiday wreath. It will definitely help you level up your geeky Christmas celebrations!

The creative and cool light up craft foam wreath is an 8-bit celebration of all things Mario including golden coins, super stars , 1-Up mushrooms, bouncy note blocks, question mark blocks, and of course the classic super mushroom which makes you grow bigger as you traverse the world of Mario. Did we mention the light-up part?

This is such a festive addition to any proud gamer’s home and can easily be affixed to your front door to let prospective carolers and/or plumbers know that you’re all about that Nintendo life. It’s 9 1/2 inches across x 10 inches tall, and runs off two AA batteries. It costs $19.99 so it’s cheaper than your average Mario game. Buy it here.

We love this super cute LED decoration and can’t wait to hang it in our home to commemorate how much the little plumber who could has inspired us to be the best we can be. Come on, come on, let’s go do the Mario!

Will you be picking this up for the classic gaming fan in your life? Just wish it was a high def Mario Odyssey edition? Feel like the bros. Mario aren’t getting enough love on the wreath? Jump down your nearest pipe and let us know!

Images: Nintendo

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