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Super Bowl Spot for Alien Thriller LIFE Is Creepily Claustrophobic

Why do we gravitate toward stories that show us being attacked, eaten, or otherwise harassed by unknown alien life? It’s probably because the idea of malevolent aliens have stepped into the role of the monsters that still scare us. Years ago, humans were horrified by stories about vampires, werewolves, dragons, and other things that stayed in the shadows. These days, through the endless retelling of those stories and shedding of light into the darkest corners of the unknown world, we realize there’s no real reason to be scared. So, the things we were once afraid of can now have sex appeal, get us into basketball finals, and be trained for fun adventures. But we still need monsters and scary stories so where else is there to look? We still look into dark corners but it just so happens those are now in the endless reaches of unknown space. The new sci-fi alien thriller Life seems to have looked out there and found us something new to be scared of.

The latest trailer for the film, written by Deadpool co-writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, only shows us a bit more than previous trailers but manages to up our anxiety about what will play out during the film. What we know is that astronauts stumble upon some alien life and are initially elated by their discovery. That excitement, like most films with alien life, doesn’t last long when things immediately go south (or whatever the omnidirectional microgavity equivalent to south is).

We’re still unsure of what the final form of the alien will be as we don’t know if they’re going with The Things disguise model or something more akin to the Alien franchise. But what we are sure of is how terrifying it is to see the fear on the actors faces and how tight, claustrophobic, and purposely obstructed these shots appear to be. It seems we’re literally going to be faced with the fear each member of the crew experiences and have to wonder along with them as to what’s just out of their line of sight.

We’ll finally get some answers–and perhaps some new nightmares–when Life hits theaters March 24th 2017.

Are you psyched for this new film? Do vampires still scare you more than aliens? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Image: Columbia Pictures

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