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SUICIDE SQUAD Puts Jai Courtney in Its Crosshairs for Deadshot

First he was John McClane’s son in A Good Day to Die Hard. Then he was some tattooed military goth weirdo in Divergent. Soon, he will be Kyle Reese in the bafflingly spelled Terminator: Genisys. What’s next for the Australian actor? Well, if Variety’s report is to be believed, he could be suiting up as Deadshot in Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad film.

Also known as Floyd Lawton, Deadshot is one the major players in the Suicide Squad comics and was known to throw down against the likes of Batman before getting drafted into Amanda Waller’s villainous black ops crew. This would be a major role in the film and yet another feather in Courtney’s cap as he continues to pop up in seemingly every genre film under the sun. In addition to Courtney, Warner Bros. is in talks with the likes of Tom Hardy, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto to join the summer 2016 film.

As we discussed on Nerdist News earlier this week, rumor has it that Margot Robbie could be playing Harley Quinn and Leto could be suiting up as the Clown Prince of Crime himself, the Joker. Tom Hardy will likely be playing founding Suicide Squad member Rick Flag and, although it isn’t confirmed, it’s said that Will Smith could wind up playing Digger Harkness, a/k/a Captain Boomerang, a villain who is a member of The Flash’s rogues gallery. Adding further fuel to the fire is the news that Jesse Eisenberg may join the film as Lex Luthor in what is definitely one of the more eyebrow-raising bits of news we’ve heard recently. Hell, at this point, why not add in every other DC villain we’ve seen so far and really blow the roof off of this thing?

Suicide Squad is set to release in 2016.

What do you think of this casting news? Let us know in the comments below.

[HT: Variety]

Image: DC Comics

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