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Funko Pop! Unveils Massive STRANGER THINGS Line (Now With More Joyce)

Funko Pop! Unveils Massive STRANGER THINGS Line (Now With More Joyce)

Aside from a way-in-advance third season renewal, this might be the best Halloween treat that Stranger Things fans could ask for. Funko has just announced, via Entertainment Weekly,  that the residents of Hawkins, Indiana will soon be available in a new line of vinyl POP! figurines, which are set to arrive in early 2017. You can see early images of the new POP! vinyl dolls down in our gallery below.

Back in August,  about a month after the Netflix show hit the pop culture zeitgeist, Funko posted a digital mock-up of a figure based on Millie Bobby Brown’s character, Eleven, and then asked the fans which other characters they’d like to see. It seems forty percent of those polled wanted Dustin, 29 percent wanted the Demogorgon, and 26 percent wanted Barb. Funko ended up making them all, and a bunch more.

The first wave of Stranger Things figurines has three different versions of Eleven, one without the wig, and one with wig included (don’t you love how Mike’s mom just had a lace front wig lying around?). The third features her look from the isolation chamber in the government’s secret lab.  All four of the kids from the Hawkins Elementary A.V. Club are included of course, but Will Byers has a regular version and a creepier “Upside Down Will” variant.

The Demogorgon comes in two versions also; one with its terrifying mouth/face thing open and one when where it’s closed. And finally, I love that Barb gets her own figure before Nancy or Steve Harrington or Jonathan Byers. (Judging from the three Barb costumes I saw at one Halloween party this weekend,iIt’s safe to say she’s the most popular character on the show. WE ARE ALL BARB.) I just hope a potential Wave 2 has Winona Ryder’s character, Joyce Beyers, covered in Christmas lights and holding a burned-out landline phone.


Funko has just added a new Joyce Beyers figurine to the lineup after all! After much demand from Stranger Things fans, Winona Ryder’s character has been added to the initial first wave of figures. The new figure comes complete with her trademark Christmas lights of course, and you can see the first image of the new Joyce figure down below. She’s expected along with the rest of Wave 1 in early 2017.

How much do you love these new Stranger Things Funko POP dolls? And who would you like to see in Wave 2? Let us know down below in the comments.

Want to know more about the real-life conspiracy that inspired Stranger Things?

Images: Netflix, Funko


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