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STRANGER THINGS’ Chief Hopper in a Christmas Sweater Is the Best Holiday Meme

It would be impossible to definitively say someone “won” the internet in 2017, but Stranger Things‘ David K. Harbour has certainly made a convincing case to have himself declared the winner. Because in addition to running a hilarious Twitter account–where he offered to sit for a high school student’s senior photos and called out an actual dictionary for making him the definition of the “dad bod”–he has started the best holiday meme of the year after sharing a festive photo of Chief Hopper.

To celebrate his Golden Globe nomination Harbour shared a picture of himself in his Chief Hopper costume, but with a little holiday flare. Because nothing says “Christmas” like an ugly sweater.

And as Mashable pointed out, that was the invitation the rest of the internet needed to get in on the fun. And the denizens of Reddit have not disappointed with a Photoshop Christmas Hopper battle.


Hotline bling


This one’s subtle:

Christmas stars

We might never be able to declare an official winner of the internet in 2017, but David K. Harbour’s ugly Christmas sweater might be enough to make him our personal champion.

Which Chief Hopper meme was your favorite? Who do you think won the internet this year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Netflix

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