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STRANGER THINGS Are Afoot in the U.S. House of Representatives

Every day we think things can’t possibly get any stranger, and then a U.S. Congressman gets up on the floor of the House of Representatives with a big giant sign to make a very serious and important point with a tortured pop culture analogy, and we realize that yes, we really might be living in the Upside Down.

At the very least we are living in a very dark, confusing place.


This past Thursday Congressman David Cicilline, who has represented Rhode Island’s 1st congressional district since 2011, got up on the floor of the House with an over-sized Stranger Things poster, but with “Trump Things” in its place, to….uh, make us realize how serious we should be about staying vigilant about protecting the world from evil.

And while we will never, ever complain about Eleven getting a formal shout out in Congress, the analogy didn’t exactly hold up from start to finish like he had planned. But then again his actual plan, to draw attention to his larger message, clearly worked, because here we are talking about an otherwise unknown Congressman giving a random speech on a Thursday.

His understanding about how the Stranger Things kids survived might not be totally up to snuff, but he definitely understands that we can’t help but pay attention when someone references the show. But since we now know for a fact that Congress is aware of what occurred in Hawkins, and therefore what took place with the Department of Energy and the Demogorgon, we have one very important question: can we get a congressional investigation into why no one cared about what happened to Barb?

Image via Netflix

Because that’s a bipartisan issue all Americans can get behind.

But what did you think of this? Was it a winning analogy, or did he only roll a 3 when he cast this comparison? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Featured Image: C-SPAN
Body Images: Netflix

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