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Hear First New Song from STRANGER THINGS Season 2 ‘Walkin’ In Hawkins’

Who was the best character in Stranger Things first season? Eleven? Chief Hooper? Mike? Dustin? Barb? That’s a pretty good list of candidates, but there’s one glaring omission: the show’s soundtrack. That’s because the series’ haunting, ’80s synth-inspired music was as powerful a presence in the series as any Demogorgon, which is why the duo responsible for it, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, is returning for season two. And if the first track for the new season is any indication, the music might end up being the best character on the show yet again.

We first heard this opening track from Dixon and Stein for the new season, “Walkin’ in Hawkins,” at Pitchfork. As the song’s title suggests, this feels like the type of number that would be playing during a beautiful, peaceful afternoon in the small town of Hawkins. But just like with their already iconic theme song for Stranger Things, the use of synthesizers, with alien-sounding buzzing and humming, gives it an underlying creepiness, which is appropriate considering what is really happening there.

You know something is wrong in Hawkins when that’s maybe the most positive sounding song from the series yet. Although looking through the newly announced 34 song soundtrack (that we saw at Entertainment Weekly), there will probably be a few other pleasant sounding tracks among all of the terrifying ones. You can see the entire list below.

In the meantime, while we wait for Stranger Things 2 to hit Netflix on October 27, we’re going to enjoy listening to this great track over and over. It’s like the calm before the storm in audible form.

What do you think of this track? Flip our comments section upside down with your thoughts.

Images: Netflix

Stranger Things 2 tracklist:
01 Walkin’ in Hawkins
02 Home
03 Eulogy
04 On the Bus
05 Presumptuous
06 Eight Fifteen
07 The First Lie
08 Scars
09 I Can Save Them
10 Descent Into the Rift
11 Chicago
12 Looking for a Way Out
13 Birth / Rescue
14 In the Woods
15 Digging
16 Symptoms
17 Eggo in the Snow
18 Soldiers
19 Choices
20 Never Tell
21 She Wants Me to Find Her
22 Shouldn’t Have Lied
23 It’s a Trap
24 Crib
25 The Return
26 Escape
27 We Go Out Tonight
28 Connect the Dots
29 The Hub
30 On Edge
31 What Else Did You See?
32 Run
33 Levitation
34 To Be Continued

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