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STEVEN UNIVERSE Is Shining Its Way to a Third Season

If you were to ask the question “Hey, is Steven Universe going to be back for a third season?” then we would say “It sure as Sugar is!”

Rebecca Sugar’s hit show from Cartoon Network was renewed for a third season, so expect to see much more of Steven and the Crystal Gems on your screens in the future. Sugar was a storyboard artist, writer, and composer for Cartoon Network’s popular Adventure Time, and this lead to a development deal with the network that spawned the creation of Steven Universe. Sugar has said that she based the character on her own brother Steven Sugar, and that the concept is influenced by Revolutionary Girl Utena and Future Boy Conan.

Steven Universe is the half-human, half-gem son of Greg Universe (human) and Rose Quartz (gem). The Crystal Gems are a quartet of humanoid gems who protect the earth from evil. Steven inherited his gem from Rose Quartz. As he is the first human/gem hybrid, Rose and Steven could not exist at the same time, so when he was born she passed her gem to him and he took her place in the quartet. The three remaining Gems– Garnet, Pearl, and Amythest– take Steven in as their ward, to live with them in their beachside temple. Throughout the series, more information about the Gems’ home world is revealed, including the fact that Rose led an insurgency against the home world Gems when they planned to colonize Earth, and turn it essentially into a Gem-growing factory. The story gets pretty involved.

Much like Adventure Time, Rebecca Sugar’s musicianship often shines through in episodes and in the theme song. Steven’s father Greg is a musically-inclined fellow, and Steven himself even uses a bit of time-travel to recruit his younger self to play in a band.

Alongside Steven Universe, Cartoon Network also renewed Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Uncle Grandpa.

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