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Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, and Weird Al Sing “Come Together.” Together

Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, and Weird Al Yankovic at a restaurant on Maui on New Year’s Eve performing “Come Together?” EVIDENCE:

Yes, it happened. And, thanks to someone with a convenient cell phone or pocket camcorder, there is proof.

HT: Chris Hardwick!

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  1. Dana says:

    @ Mary~Mike Myers? Why yes, yes it is…and this is a VERY cool vid.

  2. Lumpy says:

    I love it. I know that Aerosmith used to do the tune and send it out to John Lennon when they toured but don’t know if they still do. Being a Beatleholic, of course I love it…. That and the fact that Aerosmith seems to be one of the few bands that keeps reinventing themselves and keeping old fans content while still drawing new fans. Just too kewl.

  3. my_leisure says:

    Thank gave me goosebumps

  4. Ryan says:

    Steven Tyler referring to him as “His Weirdness” made me smile way too much.

  5. John Lebow says:

    That also looked like Pat Smear from the Foo fighters next to Tom and Mike.

  6. It was Mike and Tom at the end. It’s crazy here on Maui over the holiday weeks. Tons of celebs on island ’cause it’s warm, beautiful, and we don’t bother ’em. 🙂

  7. Murphy1d says:

    I agree that it “might” be Mike Myers and he looked to be standing next to what “might” be Tom Arnold. But this could all just be me playing “spot the celeb.”

  8. Matt V says:

    That was Mike Myers & Tom Arnold appeared to be in the crowd as well.

  9. piperstash says:

    this is super awesome, a strange trio for sure

  10. Jennifer says:

    As I said when I shared on Fb, this is awesome! And the only reason that I am using the word awesome even though it is so lacking is because I have yet to find a word in the english language that describes how cool this is.

  11. Mary says:

    I think the guy in the Hawaiian shirt at the end *might* be Mike Myers…

  12. Can anyone tell who that last guy at the mic was? It looked like the lead from Office Space.

  13. Lynnette says:

    Amazing! Thanks Chris! I love that Alice is reading the lyrics off of a sheet. Aw, Weird Al, bless his heart. He’s so awesome(and a constant reminder that I can’t wear my hair curly & parted down the middle unless I want to be mistaken for his twin sister).

  14. Valerie says:

    This is so cool.