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Stephen Colbert’s Friday Night Fights: CASPER vs. THE RING Girl

If it’s Friday night, that can mean only one thing: It’s time to rumble (hypothetically) with Stephen Colbert.

The first showdown on this week’s edition of “Friday Night Fights” on The Late Show pitted two very different haunts against one another: Casper the Friendly Ghost and the girl from The Ring.

Sitting in the hot seat against Colbert this week was comedian Rob Riggle, who backed Casper. “The Ring girl can’t get you unless you watch her on a VHS tape, correct?” pointed out Riggle, “Who watches VHS tapes anymore? Nobody.” Colbert countered that his friendly nature might mean Casper visits the elderly, the only group probably still using VCRs.

This might be one of the most intense arguments from, as Colbert and Riggle brought up melting in the sun, the use of fire, and something about Casper’s genitals (or lack thereof).

The second battle was all about who would walk away the winner if the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Final Four participants had their mascots duke it out in a Thunderdome. In case you’re not following, that’s the Villanova Wildcat vs. the Syracuse Orange vs. the Oklahoma Sooner vs. the North Carolina Tar Heel.

Considering neither Colbert or Riggle know what a “Sooner” actually is, and a sticky foot probably isn’t walking away the victor, Riggle went with the half man/half citrus, and Colbert backed the Wildcat.

You’ll have to watch the video if you want to know why they went with those mascots, but somehow it all led to a discussion of whether or not Jesus could fight a piece of fruit.

As always, it is you that decide the victors, by voting on Twitter, “America’s number one place for uninformed verbal abuse.”

Lest you think your vote doesn’t count, the last edition, which pitted Paul F. Tompkins arguing on behalf of the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic band against the Knights of Medieval Times, the vote ended in a 50/50 tie, which Colbert said will now be decided by a “two-century blood feud between their descendants.” Just ask Mad Men‘s Pete Campbell how that can go.

Okay, who ya got this week? Take it to our comments section and tell us why you’re backing your combatant.

Images: CBS

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