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Start Your Day with BREAKING BAD, HARRY POTTER, & Other Geeky Coffee Mugs

Mornings are not my favorite time of day. I need a warm and caffeinated beverage to kick-start my brain, and I prefer to drink that beverage out of a geeky mug. It sounds silly, but something as simple as Han Solo or the Browncoat symbol on the vessel holding my morning cuppa helps make the day a little brighter. So, when I saw Tami Hillberry’s Etsy store, A Bird in the Hand, I nearly clapped with glee. She offers a plethora of nerdy mugs featuring words and images from franchises such as Breaking Bad, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who. This stacking set featuring the names of the Marauders caught my eye first:


Each mug is hand-painted with heat-cured over-glaze paints. That means you can throw (well, carefully place) them in the dishwasher, but special mugs deserve a little extra love. I’d stick with hand washing these designs. Each one is made to order, and besides names and quotes, you’ll find mugs with art. There’s the Heisenberg mug pictured up top, and this cute Ood Brew symbol:


Here are some more Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Sherlock mugs:

You can order the designs pictured and more at A Bird in the Hand’s Etsy store. The mugs start at $14, and it appears as though she takes custom orders. For someone like me who loves both coffee mugs and quotes, this Etsy shop is dangerous in the best way.

If you could get any quote put on a mug, which one would it be? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. My “I hate Morndas” Skyrim mug is pretty killer.