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TK-421’s Secret Love Affair Detailed in STAR WARS: FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW

Warning: spoilers follow for Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View.

Almost two million people served on the Death Star, each one with a life and a story. The new anthology Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View delves into some of those stories (though obviously not all two million, because no one has that kind of time). The likes of Admiral Motti and Grand Moff Tarkin get their own tales, alongside the likes of more ancillary characters. The book finds room to spin material in the deepest of cuts, including a vignette starring TK-421 and his secret steamy love affair with an Imperial officer.


Before TK-421 wasn’t at his post, he had dreams of getting out of the maintenance unit on the Death Star and into an cushier assignment on Coruscant. Here are five highlights from “Of MSE-6 and Men” by Glen Weldon:

    • TK-421 owns the mouse droid, a.k.a. G7, that crosses Chewbacca‘s path in Episode IV.
    • That mouse droid captured a holorecording of TK-421, which the droid then accidentally played after running right into an Imperial officer. The officer was smitten with TK-421’s appearance, calling TK-421 “beautiful,” so he used G7 to send a hidden holomessage to the stormtrooper.
    • TK-421 saw the officer’s interest as an opportunity to get off the Death Star and replied to the message with one of his own, including a gift that TK-421 explained to G7 as giving “him [the officer] something to get him started.”
    • The trooper and the officer would erase some of the droid’s memories after their trysts because as the stormtrooper told G7, “There’s some stuff that you… don’t need to see, frankly. Human-being stuff. Complicated… Messy.”

  • The officer did manage to score his boyfriend TK-421 a better assignment in station security–the job that ultimately put TK-421 on duty outside the Millennium Falcon. In fact, that was his first assignment in his new role.

Read the entire tale in Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View, available now.

Do you see TK-421 in a different light now? Maybe you wish he hadn’t been ambushed by Han and Luke? Tell us all your TK thoughts in the comments.

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