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14 Porg-Inspired Recipes for Hungry THE LAST JEDI Fans

Star Wars is well known for introducing new and fascinating creatures that capture the hearts of fans throughout the galaxy. The Last Jedi gave us first contact with the inhabitants of Luke’s hideaway island: the lovable, hatable, edible porgs.

While Chewie may have decided to treat these little puffballs as friend over food, many fans have chosen a different path, serving up porg recipes in amusing and delightful ways. We at Nerdist have already created our own Porg Cupcakes as a way to feed our fandom; now take a look at 14 other fun and creative ways to serve up Ahch-To’s most adorable residents.

Porg Onigiri

By OMGiri

OMGiri has a way of capturing lifelike images of Disney’s beloved characters in bento form. Here he creates perfect porg rice ball to go alongside a curry bento meal. Adorably delicious!

Porg Sandwich

By The Healthy Mouse

Eating porgs can be healthy! (Well, maybe not for the porg.) This super cute sandwich is vegan, made with two types of bread, giving this porg his special coloring, which makes all the difference in the details.

Porg Cake

By Qaked

Making a large porg can be a daunting task, but with this quick Instagram video you can see the delicious inner workings of a porg cake from start to finish.

No-Bake Porg Cookies

By Sugar Swings

No-bake cookies? Sign me up! These little porgs and accompanying Wookiee are made with store-bought Milano cookies. Add a little frosting and some candy-coated sunflower seeds, and suddenly you have an entire edible Millennium Falcon crew at your service!

Porg Marshmallows

Via Disney Family

Making marshmallows from scratch is no easy task, but if they’re in the shape of porgs resting in a hot bath of cocoa? Totally worth it.

Porg Pie

By @ciara_wardlow

Georgie, porgie, porg in a pie. If you’re going to decorate with pastry, why not go full porg? No one can resist the power of porg pie.

Porg Cupcakes

Via Her Universe, by Jilly Cakes Bakes

Her Universe is emptying our wallets with all the cute Star Wars: The Last Jedi porg clothes, but her porg love doesn’t stop there. Not only did she have a porg pizza party, but she and her family learned how to make porg cupcakes from Jilly Cakes Bakes. A fluffy porg must taste like frosting right? We can dream.

Porg Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes by @jillycakesbakes #starwars #porg #cupcakes

A post shared by Ashley Eckstein (@heruniverse) on

Star Wars Porg Cookies

By Hello Denise

Here’s an innovative way to make porg cookies in a timely manner. Slice-and-bake cookies make baking easier, and once these are sliced and baked, just add a few frosting details and your porgs are ready to roll!

Porg Eggplants

Via Star Wars, by @Minayoshi

Porgs don’t have to be sweet; there are plenty of ways to enjoy your porg in a savory way. These beautiful eggplants take on a life of their own as they are carved into little vegetable porgs that would perfectly fit in with the Ahch-To landscape.

Porg Cupcakes

By The Star Wars Mom

You can never have too many cupcakes, I say. These porg cupcakes use Oreo cookies for the head and wings, giving you not one but two treats in one. Porgs made of cookies and cupcakes? It’s useless to resist.

Porg in a Blanket

By Fandom Fest

Way back in October at New York Comic-Con, the Fandom Fest truck unveiled the first edible porg, with the creatively named Porg in a Blanket. This vegetarian chocolate marshmallow creature was wrapped in a tortilla. The big cute eyes didn’t stop fans from chowing down on these Star Wars treats.

Porg Cookies

By Galactic Glitter

Here’s why Star Wars fans are the best, their creativity knows no bounds. Stuck with only a Darth Vader cookie cutter, why not make the best out of it and turn them into porgs! This is a sign that the porgs work for the Empire, right? Right??

Roast Porg Dinner

By JW Beyond

It was bound to happen.

KFP: Kashyyyk Fried Porg

By Brian Kesinger

While this isn’t a recipe it’s a hilarious take on Chewbacca’s memorable scene. Story artist for Walt Disney Animation, Brian Kesinger added a little Star Wars magic to the iconic KFC logo. KFP: Kashyyyk Fried Porg, it’s finger-lickin’ good.

Image: Lucasfilm

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