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Make STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Porg Cupcakes for National Cupcake Day

December 15, 2017 will be a day long remembered, this year the heavens and galaxies have aligned because not only do we get a brand new Star Wars movie with the release of The Last Jedi, but it’s also National Cupcake Day!

As fans ready themselves with Snoke theories and Skywalker parenting tips, the stars of the trailers have emerged in the shape of Ahch-To creatures known as porgs. Love them or hate them, everyone’s talking about them—and here we’ve given them edible shape in the form of an adorable, appetizing treat.

This will not go the way you think, so head off to your many screenings of Star Wars: The Last Jedi with a porg in hand: it’s your friend, it’s your snack, it’s the most porg-a-licious dessert in the galaxy.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Porg Cupcakes

You’ll need:
12 cupcakes, baked
1/4 cup rice cereal, slightly crushed
1/3 cup cocoa rice cereal, slightly crushed
1/4 cup shredded coconut
Crown sprinkles
Black icing

Using a piping bag, frost the cupcakes in an upwards motion, forming a top-heavy pear shape.

On both sides of the top of the shaped frosting, add a small amount of the crushed rice cereal.

To the top of the head, and the sides of the body, pack on the cocoa rice cereal.

Add the shredded coconut to the center of each cupcake, for the porg’s stomach area.

Place two crown sprinkles at the base of the frosting to form the feet.

With a #5 tip, pipe the eye, nostrils, and mouth details on the head of each porg.

Once everything is in place the cupcakes are ready to serve.

Images: Jenn Fujikawa

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