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THE LAST JEDI Fan-Made Parody Posters Have Arrived in Full Force

THE LAST JEDI Fan-Made Parody Posters Have Arrived in Full Force

On Friday, Star Wars fans from all around the world got to witness the release of not only the new teaser trailer for this December’s The Last Jedi but also its new poster.

Quicker than a lightsaber slicing through a Wampa’s arm, the parody posters came out in droves on the internet over the last day or so. We’ve gone ahead and collected some of our favorites here.

The casting announcement of Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2 this week was perfect timing. Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld showed a mock-up of the sequel’s poster on his Instagram page. As if we weren’t excited for BOTH movies already.

I am surprised they didn’t go with a “Rey as She-Ra” version of the poster. However, if any movie deserves a second chance, it’s this one. I mean, He-Man beat Marvel to the post-credits scene punch by over 20 years!

“Oh Hai Luke.”

Queen makes everything better. The only edit I would make is to replace Luke and Kylo with Wayne and Garth.

The caption is right. We didn’t ask for this, but at the same time could it be everything we’ve always wanted?

A Spirit Bomb combined with the Force? Vegeta would be lucky if Goku only reached 9000 here.

While this one may not fall under the “parody” category per se, it represents two different generations of Star Wars fandom. We’ll give it a pass.

They may have forgotten him during the 40th-anniversary retrospective, but because we like grinding gears, we certainly didn’t forget Jar-Jar.

With the poster only being a day or two old, there will be a LOT more where these came from. To check them ALL out, you can use the hashtag #MakeTheLastJediPosterBetter

So what do you think? Which of these is your favorite? Have you found more? Post them to me on Twitter or down in the comments below!

Featured image: Lucasfilm/Disney

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