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What Do Adam Driver’s Latest Comments About Rey Mean?

The biggest question coming out of The Force Awakens was, arguably, about Rey‘s parentage. Who left her on Jakku and why? How come Luke’s lightsaber called out to her at Maz Kanata’s? What, if any, relationship does she have to the Skywalker family? It’s such a huge mystery Star Wars fans expect it to be a big part of The Last Jedi‘s story this December. And Adam Driver might have just dropped a hint.

In an interview with GQ, Driver was talking about how Kylo is essentially two different people when he puts his mask on, and that led him into giving away this potential bombshell about Rey’s real identity:

“You have, also, the hidden identity of this princess who’s hiding who she really is so she can survive and Kylo Ren and her hiding behind these artifices.”

Princess? Princess? Did Adam Driver just tell us that Rey is the daughter of—oh, we don’t know—Princess Leia?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

First, there is the possibility that Driver was only referring to Rey as a princess-in-hiding in the sense that she’s been hiding the secret of her powers from the world (and from herself) all these years. On the other hand, Driver may indeed have meant his words literally. Still, that does not necessarily mean that Rey is a Skywalker. The galaxy far, far away is really big, she could be the daughter of some other royal family. Granted, that seems unlikely in the context of the story.

So if he did just give away The Last Jedi‘s biggest secret, that makes Rey his sister. That could explain Han Solo’s instant connection with her, since he was (presumably) her father. (Whether he recognized who she really was is unclear, but still.)

Even if Driver did just answer the question of Rey’s parentage, this revelation raises more questions than we can count. Why  doesn’t Rey remember her family, since she was a toddler when she was left on Jakku? And why doesn’t Kylo know he has a sister? Or does he? What was the exact reason Leia and Han abandoned her? Or was it Luke who hid her there? Did he wipe her memory? Was Luke’s friend Lor San Tekka (played by Max Von Sydow) on Jakku to keep an eye on her the way Obi-Wan watched over him? Does Snoke know who she really is? Will part of Kylo’s training have to include killing her?

Rey’s parents were always going to end up being a big deal in the story, otherwise they wouldn’t be a secret. But we didn’t expect Kylo Ren to tell us who they were two months before the movie came out… then again, maybe he didn’t. Maybe this is just some brilliant misdirection. We wouldn’t put that by someone who follows the Dark Side.

What do you think? Did Adam Driver spill the whole bag of beans? Or is this not what it seems? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: Lucasfilm

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