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STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Character Posters Revealed

Earlier today John Boyega teased his Twitter followers about having a sneaky gift for Star Wars fans. That sneaky gift turned out to be a Star Wars: The Force Awakens character poster featuring Finn, lightsaber engaged and looking fierce. But Boyega wasn’t the only person dropping posters. Social media started lighting up like a Christmas tree—a Christmas tree decorated with #TheForceAwakens hashtag instead of twinkling lights. Carrie Fisher tweeted a poster with Princess Leia, Daisy Ridley took to Instagram to share the Rey poster, and the official Star Wars Facebook page posted posters with Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). In short, it’s been an exciting morning.

The Force Awakens is unique because let’s be honest: it doesn’t need any marketing. Not really. Fans casual and hardcore are going to flock to theaters to see the next installment of the Star Wars saga. Given that, it’s smart for Disney and Lucasfilm to go for an unconventional approach and let the actors share promotional material. Plus, Boyega and Ridley both seem so darn excited about the movie—they’re likely having fun with these sorts of posts.

Now, let’s look at posters!

I have never been one of the fans who complained about the idea of seeing an older Han Solo. Seeing this poster proves I was right to have no qualms. It gave me an unexpected case of feelings.

General Leia? Yep, more feelings.

And the new kids on the block:

They really seem to be emphasizing that Finn’s the Force user, don’t they?

But I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Rey has a few Force-ful tricks up her sleeve.

And then there’s Kylo Ren. I can’t wait to learn more about his beliefs.

Which poster do you like the most? What other characters do you want to see a poster for? Tell me in the comments. I’m throwing all my votes in for Poe Dameron.

Images: Disney

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