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The Original STAR WARS Trilogy Gets THE FORCE AWAKENS Trailer Treatment

Internet, we keep asking you to help fill the days until The Force Awakens opens, and each day you keep coming through for us with flying X-Wings. The cultural phenomenon that has been the official trailer for the 7th Star Wars film continues even today, but this time by looking back instead of forward, with the original trilogy getting a The Force Awakens style trailer.

YouTube user Medley Weaver took the original trilogy and edited it back into one super-trailer, using the gorgeous music from the newest The Force Awakens trailer—as well as the inspiration and pacing for the shots in it—to give the original films a very modern vibe that captures the feel of Episode VII‘s own trailer.

That piano at the beginning is stunning on its own, but when you hear it as Luke walks out two watch the dual sunsets of Tatooine, damn if it doesn’t just hit you right in your Star Wars-loving gut. Also, Obi-Wan was meant to narrate intense montages.

Special shout-out for ending it with an epic lightsaber battle, too—just like in The Force Awakens trailer. You know, the moment that caused John Boyega (as well as me) to lose his mind? Oh heck yeah.

To give you an idea of how different this is, re-watch the original trailer for Star Wars.

Uh, just a little different.

We’ve now seen The Force Awakens trailer with just the music, and it was amazing. We’ve seen it turned into a super-mega-all-encompassing trailer, and it, too, was amazing. We’ve seen it turned in to our darkest nightmare, and it was hilarious. And now we have this. Internet, we have a long road ahead of us before this movie opens: keep up the excellent work until then.

Which of these The Force Awakens-inspired trailers has been your favorite so far? In a comment section, not very far away (like, right here), tell us yours.

HT: Geektyrant
Image: Lucasfilm

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