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STAR WARS REBELS Teases the Return of the Clones with New Footage

Clone troopers became part of the Star Wars saga with Attack of the Clones. We got to know their origins, their might, and their extreme loyalty. That loyalty lasted until Emperor Palpatine activated Order 66. When Star Wars: The Clone Wars came along, the clones became more than the members of the Republic’s army—we got to know them as individuals. Dee Bradley Baker voiced every clone trooper and his work alongside the efforts of the entire Clone Wars crew helped shape their personalities and nuances. And now? Some of the clones are returning in Star Wars Rebels.

When Season 2 of Rebels resumes on October 14, Captain Rex, Captain Gregor, and Commander Wolffe will be back in the picture. Yes, that means they overcame their Order 66 programming. But what is life like for them now? What will the crew of Ghost think of them? In a new featurette, executive producer Dave Filoni talks about the history of the clones (he reminds us that yes, clone troopers are superior to stormtroopers), how they evolved in The Clone Wars, and where the clones stand with Kanan and Ezra. Since Kanan saw his master die at the hands of clone troopers, you can imagine his lack of warm and fuzzy feelings towards Rex and his pals. Additionally, Bradley Baker provides some insight on what Rex, Gregor, and Wolffe are like now. Bonus: there’s footage of the moment at Star Wars Celebration when it was revealed that Captain Rex was back. I was in the room for that, and the audience cheered just as loudly for Rex as they did for The Force Awakens teaser that was revealed at the same convention.

Which clone is your favorite? Tell me in the comments. I’m all about Fives, but Captain Rex is a close second.

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