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NYCC Exclusive Millennium Falcon Model is the Starship of Our Dreams

Within the Star Wars universe, we’re constantly told just how ugly the Millennium Falcon is compared to the other ships in the galaxy. Well we don’t see it that way! Han Solo’s iconic starship is absolutely one of the all-time prettiest. Unfortunately, it’s just not practical to own a life-sized Millennium Falcon replica, but Bandai Hobby may have the next best thing waiting for fans at New York Comic Con.

Bandai has unveiled its NYCC-exclusive Perfect Grade 1/72 Scale Millennium Falcon. We were very impressed by the recent LEGO Millennium Falcon, but this is on a much higher level. It looks like it could have escaped from the very first Star Wars movie, and it has a level of detail that is just breathtaking.

This Millennium Falcon model is made up of 700 parts, and it’s got a $400 asking price. But fans will also get a few passenger figures who can easily sit in the model, just to give everyone another reason to love it.

If you can’t make it out to NYCC, the good news is that Bandai Hobby will release the new Millennium Falcon model to the general public at a later date. That’s also the case for Bandai Shogukan’s new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord and Dragonzord Super Mini-Pla Kits. They’re fully articulated recreations of the Rangers’ zords from the first TV series.

At this rate, we’re gonna have to rent a plane just to get all of our toys and models home from NYCC! Gundam fans are also going to have a lot of reasons to head to NYCC. Bandai will be selling a small number of the newly released Hi Resolution Model Wing Gundam Zero (EW), as well as a lot of Gundam kits that were previously only available at special events in Asia.

New York Comic Con will begin on October 5.

Which NYCC exclusives are you most excited about? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Bandai Hobby/Bluefin

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