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Recreate a Famous STAR WARS Scene with a Wampa Snow Globe

Nothing can compare to Luke hanging upside down in a wampa cave on the planet Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. Talk about a hopeless situation. While it seemed like the most dire of circumstances, young Skywalker showed that the power of the Force can get you through. That terrifying scene is given a calmer overlay with ThinkGeek’s exclusive new Wampa Cave Snow Globe desk accessory.

The famous scene is recreated in great detail from the ice of the cave starting on the inside of the globe and continuing to the exterior, to the poor dead tauntaun laying on the outside, clearly an appetizer to the main entree.

Shake up the snow globe—as snow globes are meant to be shaken—and a hidden lightsaber hilt will be revealed. If you stare at it for a while, you’ll feel as if you’ve actually moved it. Oh wait, that’s only the snowflakes settling. You’ll have to work on your Jedi skills a little bit more.

This gloriously gory scene would make a perfect addition to your holiday village. Think of it–carolers and snowy horse drawn carriages right next to a carnivorous ice creature. It makes sense.

If you look at the snow globe from just the right angle it looks as if the wampa is reverently cradling his arm around the glass, staring lovingly at Luke. Don’t be fooled! That wampa is out for blood. If only he could figure out how to break into that glass vault…

For more info on the wampa cave snow globe, check out

Do you need this desk accessory? *waves hand* I think you do. Let us know in the comments below!

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Images: ThinkGeek
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