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Fantastic Finds from the STAR WARS Celebration Floor

Fantastic Finds from the STAR WARS Celebration Floor

Star Wars Celebration is a convention that uses the Force to bring together Star Wars fans from across the galaxy. In between panels, the show floor is the place to find some of the best products, fan art, and cosplay that you can’t see anywhere else. At any given moment you might run into a Sith Elsa cosplayer or find yourself waiting for an exclusive Zutton Snaggletooth plush. In other words, Star Wars fans were in heaven this past weekend.

At Celebration, fans of all ages can make friends for life while picking up a gadget or two, or ten. There was such an abundance of Star Wars enthusiasm, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few favorites. But we did our very best to find some amazing expressions of fandom that were on display at Star Wars Celebration!


TIE Fighter Portable Gas Grill by Broilchef
If you’ve been wanting to try out our recipe for Death Star Burgers but weren’t sure how to cook them up, this is the grill you’re looking for. Made of cast aluminum, the stainless steel burner is capable of up to 10,000 BTUs of heat, which is like a cool day on Mustafar. My favorite part of this little grill are the removable and adjustable side shelves. Not only are they functional for cooking horizontally, if you turn them sideways the grill is transformed into the ultimate backyard starfighter.

Star Wars Ramen Candle by Yuko Umehara
Rather than suffer through the usual con food staple of hot dogs and pretzels, I was beyond excited to find a bowl of ramen on the convention floor—all with perfectly cut Star Wars ingredients. Only it wasn’t food at all, it was a handcrafted candle made to look like a delicious bowl of ramen topped with a flawless Jabba tofu aburaage. The only problem is, now we need Celebration to actually sell Star Wars noodles on the show floor. Make it happen, Disney!

Star Wars Heroines Cosplay
Having just previewed the Forces of Destiny adventure figures at the Hasbro booth, imagine my surprise when real life versions appeared right in front of me. I asked for parent permission (I always do when photographing kids cosplay) and little Leia turned to her companions and said, “Let’s do our pose, girls!” These gals had it down to a science. Madison Murray dressed as Rey, and her cousins Mia Ellis and Lili Strickland made the perfect Leia and Jyn. While these costumes were store bought, Star Wars fans were so supportive and had such a positive effect on the girls that they’re already planning to hand-make cosplay for the next Celebration!



Star Wars Toasters by Pangea Brands
If you’re eating plain toast for breakfast, you’re doing it wrong. Consider this infomercial: wake up, place a slice of bread into a stormtrooper helmet, and in a matter of minutes you have dark side toast. But wait, there’s more—that’s no moon, it’s toast! It turns out a Death Star was just a machine to create a toasty treat. Pangea Brands had all their best trooper bucket toasters on display for fans of both Star Wars and breakfast. (A.K.A. everyone.)

Jabba the Hutt Tiki and Salacious Crumb Shotglass by ThinkGeek
Jabba makes everything better. Sure he’s a horrible crime lord but a Jabba the Hutt tiki is too precious to deny. Unveiled for Star Wars Celebration, this Geeki Tiki from ThinkGeek holds a massive 40-ounces and comes with a 4-ounce Salacious Crumb to place by his side. Fill it up with Hutt’s Delight to get you through the summer. If that’s too much Jabba juice for your taste, ThinkGeek also released their second series of Tiki featuring a jawa, Tusken Raider, C-3P0, ewok, tauntaun, and my favorite, the wampa tiki. Those who didn’t make it to Celebration can pre-order the Jabba tiki right now on ThinkGeek. Trust me, these will be gone faster than a Gamorrean guard in a rancor pit.


Skywalker X-Wing Sneakers by Musterbrand
Musterbrand wowed convention-goers with their stylish Star Wars outerwear, but it was their latest shoe collection that caught my eye. This stunning Skywalker sneaker stands out in Rebel Alliance orange and is loaded with tons of X-Wing pilot design details. If the dark side is more your style, a collection of ladies Vader and stormtrooper flats are also ideal for showing off some Empire flair. Currently the shoes are only available within the EU and online.

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Images: Jenn Fujikawa
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