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How Will STAR WARS Keep General Leia’s Legacy Alive?

Late last year, Star Wars fans around the world mourned the loss the great actress and writer, Carrie Fisher, as she passed away unexpectedly. Unfortunately, losing Fisher also means that we’ve lost her iconic character, General Leia. According to Lucasfilm, the original plan was for Fisher to have a much bigger role in Episode IX. However, Star Wars: The Last Jedi will mark Fisher’s final appearance in the role of a lifetime. Today’s Nerdist News is investigating how her legacy will be kept alive.

Join host Jessica Chobot as she runs down three intriguing possibilities that came to mind after a recent interview with John Boyega. While talking with ABC News, Boyega said that the film will “send her off in an amazing way,” before adding that “she’s still kept alive in the franchise.” More tantalizingly, he also said that “she lives forever in a sense.”

“Lives forever?” What does that mean? The first possibility is that Leia could live on in the Force much like her father before her. She may not have become a Jedi, but she was unusually strong with the Force. We could kind of see that…except we don’t believe that Leia would enjoy that afterlife. It just isn’t her style.

The next theory is that Leia lives on while frozen in carbonite. Now that’s a fate that Carrie Fisher would probably endorse, simply because she had a wicked sense of humor. But even that just wouldn’t feel right for Leia, while adding another layer of tragedy to her life.

That’s why we believe that the film will ultimately keep Leia alive while concocting a reason she can’t appear for the final part of the trilogy. It wouldn’t offer too much closure for Leia, but it would keep her spirit alive in the franchise for an indefinite amount of time. We may not see her again in the movies, but Leia can live on in the novels, games, and other stories for years to come.

How do you think that Lucasfilm will handle General Leia’s fate? Share your theories below!

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