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STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Will Be Even Darker Than We Thought!

We know you’ve come to Nerdist News to cure your Monday blues. But what you DON’T know is just how upside-down your frown is about to turn! We’ve got a plot leak on… wait for it… Star Wars: Episode VII! And it’s not even Comic-Con yet.

Between the mysterious origins of a severed hand floating through space and a surprisingly familiar background for John Boyega’s character, the next chapter of the Star Wars saga is sounding different (and darker) than we expected. Plus, JJ Abrams has revealed the return of an iconic ship to the series, with some fascinating modifications. What does it all mean? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Enjoy today’s show, don’t forget to come back for another tomorrow, and let us know in the comments below who you think Hand Solo might belong to!

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  1. DarthJay says:

    If JJ Abrams wants to start the new trio off properly, that hand will belong to Jar Jar Binks and the rest of his lifeless body will come plummeting down next to it as Luke watches with a smile on his face and force pulls his lightsaber back into his hand. 

  2. austen says:

    Is it the Doctor’s hand?

  3. Wally the Engineer says:

    “Hand Solo”…  ha!I think this may be false trails…  We’ll get the goods soon enough…

  4. This is oddly starting to sound like a tie in to a reworked ending of Thrawn. If I remember correctly the Emporer recovered Luke’s cut off hand from ESB and created a clone of him which was named… Luuke (lol).
    Is it possible they are using this? Could the hand possibly be from the cloned Luke that was using his old lightsaber?
    Cause there is no way that is Luke’s old hand… And if Han and Chewie are identifying it as Luke’s (somehow) it would make sense.
    Not sure how I would feel about it if this is the case… though I guess there could be worse things.

  5. RedwoodCoast says:

    More Pre-SDCC announcements to come I’m certain.   Love the han(d)-solo allusion here.  Dark much better than diplomatic Jar-Jar Gungian.   Keep it dark and edging toward the R-side and it will grow the franchise.

  6. Kirra says:

    Crying eternally because I’m stuck in Australia instead of in san diego… again. Have fun everyone that is going to be there!

  7. Please says:

    Take your shirt off.

  8. Dave says:

    The new design IS an X-Wing! If you look close at the video you will see a separation joint running down the TOP of the s-foil! It looks like it will do a front/back split with the front of the wing lowering and the back of the wing raising. Ver clever…

  9. Dave says:

    The new design IS and X-Wing! If you look close at the wing in the video there is a separation line running down the TOP of the wing, it’s going to do a front/ back split. It looks like the front half of the wing will lower and the back half will raise.

  10. “unprequel-like” hahaha That’s reassuring. I’m gonna see it anyways. McQuarrie X-wing is different, though I originally thought it might be an S-wing from Dark Empire, though that’s all not anything to Abrams. (extended universe is still canon to me! ^_^)

  11. Aaron says:

    How can you strike down perfection ??  Love the new ‘do Jessica !

  12. Jeff says:

    It’s not a Headhunter, it’s an X-wing based on the concept art of Ralph McQuarrie. Google “x-wing Ralph McQuarrie” and you will see. 

  13. Xooberon says:

    Soft get excited, it’s not a headhunter or an x-wing. This is a new design. The important thing is that they are using the design aesthetic from the original movies, creating new vehicles and hardware, but making it familiar and recognisable.

  14. Paul says:

    Can’t “lock S-foils in attack position” in that!  It’s not an X-Wing.

  15. Axelsanx says:

    No Course of the Force this year?  So bummed.

    • Olga Desyatnik says:

      We’re still doing Course of the Force, just during Star Wars Celebration this time! (In April)

  16. Askmi Leitr says:

    Hm. Maybe someone in Cloud City (possibly Lobot) found Luke’s severed limb. Lando might possibly have obtained it and decided to keep it in a stasis field. Maybe someone made a clone (or few) from Luke’s cells. Hmm.

  17. Connor says:

    Thats not an X-Wing, thats a Z-95 headhunter.

    • Axelsanx says:

      Yeah, that is a mono wing design, so not a X wing.

      • Ben Mekler says:

        Actually, the Star Wars twitter specified that it wasn’t the Z-95, it was in fact the “Episode VII X-Wing”. So a new design of some kind?

      • John B. says:

        If you look close at the tip of the wing you can see it splits vertically, as opposed to the original horizontal split.

    • Xooberon says:

      NOT a headhunter either. New design.

  18. Bbailey says:

    This is not a spoiler. It is a rediculous rumor that would only be in the beginning of poorly written Star Wars fan fiction.  If this is really how they plan to start the new series, they are going to lose me as a fan. 

    • Dan says:

      With movies, you never know what the plot points are.  Some of it might be fiction some or whole of it might be true.  I’ve seen worse in the Star Wars genre, like, um, the star wars chewbaka holiday special.  It’s not the worse script i’ve seen from star was universe is all i’m saying.  Secondly, can we say jar jar?

  19. legolicious says:

    Jessica Chobot, I love you.  That is all

  20. Scott says:

    So Nerdist is going to be spoiling Episode 7? I don’t want to know if it will darker than we thought. But I can’t unread the headline.

  21. Doogie says:

    You really gotta hand it to J. J. (see what I did there?) the new Wars sounds like it’s going to be awesome!

  22. Wraith says:

    The new X-Wing appears to more resemble the original Ralph McQuarrie design. The S-foils still extend, and each engine separates in half.

  23. Sue says:

    This is 30-odd years later, there was sure to be a redesign at some point. Maybe taking the best parts of the X and the Headhunter and merging them into something bad-ass?

  24. Audio says:

    Perhaps you would be so hot as a Darth Chobot? Muhahahahahaha

  25. that looks like a Z-95 headhunter instead of X-wing.

    • Maverick says:

      It does, except the Z-95 is suppose to have two wing canons, one on each side; not four.

      • Dan says:

        Actually if you look at the still closely, you can see the wings split in the middle, the engines split in the middle and yes there are four wing cannons.  This is a modified x-wing, with a different color.  Like others have said, it is thirty years after “Return of the Jedi.”