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Star Wars Day: Fan Art

May the Fourth (be with you)!

Tired of eating that stale Halloween candy? Sick of singing Christmas carols? Allergic to groundhogs? Fear not, friend, because today is a holiday that any nerd can love. That’s right, it’s May the 4th: Star Wars day! To help celebrate, here’s a look at some of our favorite Star Wars fan art from across the web.


IT’S A SNACK!!!: What better way to start your day than breakfast with a Mon Calamari? DeviantART’s ChrisToumanian decided the world should be able to print out its own Ackbar cereal box (as seen on one of the Star Wars parody episodes of Robot Chicken), and we can’t get this on our boring boxes soon enough! Yes… all the boxes (All Your Cereal are now Belong to Ackbar)


SHAKIN’ THE TREE: UK artist Joe Stone has created quite a few “family tree charts” on his website that may pique the geek fancy, but none may be cooler than this Star Wars themed genealogical (sort of) chart. Grab your own copy at the artist’s website and for once you’ll remember if Kit Fisto was friends with Nien Nunb: AND THEN YOU CAN RULE THE WORLD!


ENCORE! Not “technically” fan art, as creator Hugh Fleming has designed Star Wars comic book covers (among other things) before this poster for Star Wars Fan Club went viral on the web. It’s the best thing ever, and a concert we’re truly jealous we can’t attend. At least we have Gwar.


WAMPA KONG: LesSavyTrav, after, we’re sure, much deliberation and soul searching, realized that both Star Wars and Donkey Kong are pretty awesome. We agree, and we also LOVE the artist’s take on an 8-bit Hoth-style NES adventure. It’s great that this design is available on t-shirts… but we’re holding out for the real deal. We can wait. 


DAYS OF JEDI PAST: Created as a cover for Star Wars Insider magazine, artist and SW fan Robert Campus presented this clever take on an historic moment in X-History (and in comics in general). Like any piece of art it’s got its pros and cons, though. Con: Where’s Kitty/Padme? Pro: We’re okay with Ki Adi Mundi being dead.



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  1. starswarsfan says:

    Smart design involving the Death Star…

  2. michaelalexkawa says:

    All are great ,but I really love the “Days of Jedi Past ” .

  3. Wildride says:

    Light saber repair:
    Jedi and Sith:
    The Force Is With You: