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Every week our Alpha and Twitch members help us wrap up the last seven days in pop culture by discussing the biggest stories with us at our new show Nerdist News What the Friday, our hour-long recap of the world of entertainment. It’s the supersized edition of our interactive series Nerdist News Talks Back, and normally you can only catch it exclusively at Project Alpha. But this week we’re making it available for everyone, so you can see what you’re missing, and also why it’s the newest edition to our Nerdist Podcast Network.

In this week’s episode host Jessica Chobot was joined by editor Amy Ratcliffe, Nerdist News writer Aliza Pearl, and producer Jesse Gill. They kicked things off by discussing the latest trailers for Deadpool 2 and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Two very different movies, two very different discussions. For example, are we okay some of those Deadpool jokes aren’t guaranteed to make the movie? And does the horror-house plot line for Fallen Kingdom have us more excited for the movie?

But that was just the start of this massive show, because on What the Friday we have time to get into anything and everything, so they also broke down what to expect from Westworld‘s second season, why the cast of Avengers: Infinity War can’t stop spilling spoilers, and our expectations for Marvel’s mega superhero mashup. And even the discussion about whether a dark side Force Ghost is possible in Star Wars: Episode IX is a possibility.

Finally it was time for this week’s main topic: Star Wars conspiracies, including multiple Wedge Antilles…es. (Antilli?), and whether there is more than one Luke Skywalker–a slightly Bigger Luke. What are these theories all about? Do they make any sense?

While you can always watch Nerdist News Talks Back live Monday through Thursday at 1PM PT on our YouTube and Alpha channels, remember Nerdist News What the Fridays usually airs exclusively at 1PM PT only at Alpha. As you can see if you’re not already a member you should sign up now, especially because your first 30 days are free.

But even if you miss tuning in live, you’ll soon be able to listen to What the Friday, because it’s joining our Nerdist Podcast Network. It’s the only way to get ready for the weekend, just ask Wedge Antilles…all of them.

What did you think of today’s show? Talk back to us about it in the comments below.

Image: Lucasfilm

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