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The Avengers will soon do battle with Thanos, but we’re still getting lots of new reports and footage from Infinity War. So on today’s Nerdist News Talks Back we broke down what it could all mean when the Mad Titan invades Earth, along with the DCEU choosing another female director, and Steven Spielberg‘s record-setting milestone.

Guest host Amy Vorpahl was joined today by Nerdist News writer Aliza Pearl, editor Kyle Anderson, and producer Ben McShane. With a little over a week to go before Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters they began with the latest on Marvel’s epic showdown with Thanos, including a new commercial for the film where Spider-Man and Iron Man go toe-to-toe with the big purple baddie. Does this new teaser have us more worried about who might die in the movie? Why is Ben convinced the Silver Surfer is still going to appear despite the Russo Brothers saying he won’t? And what exactly could the Arrested Development reference they teased for the film be?

Speaking of huge superhero franchises, Cathy Yan has been tapped by Warner Bros. to direct their Christina Hodson-penned Harley Quinn/Birds of Prey spin-off. This makes her the third female director for the DCEU, so how bad does Disney look for not having a single woman direct either a Star Wars or MCU movie yet? As for the actual movie, do we hope they adapt a story from the comics or create an entirely new one? And between this, Gotham Sirens, Suicide Squad 2, and that Joker vs. Harley Quinn movie, is this character overkill? Or are they just giving fans what they want?

Finally, according to The Wrap Steven Spielberg has become the first director to cross the ten billion dollar mark worldwide for his career. Peter Jackson is in second place at $6.5 billion, so do we ever see someone topping Spielberg for the top spot? Is there any other director who can match his genre-spanning resume? And do we prefer his fun fare or his serious works more?

As always Nerdist News Talks Back airs live on our YouTube and Alpha channels Monday through Thursday at 1 p.m. PT. Then we end the week with Nerdist News What the Fridays, our new hour long recap of the biggest trending pop culture stories, at 1 p.m. PT only at Alpha. It’s the place to be to discuss what we can expect from Infinity War, and it will be the place to be to discuss what we saw in it after next week.

But what about today’s show? We want to hear your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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Images: Marvel, HBO

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