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STAR TREK: DISCOVERY’s Opening Sequence is a Work of Art

It’s been over a decade since Star Trek left television, but the franchise has returned with Star Trek: Discovery, the first episode of which premiered Sunday night on CBS. In case you missed the episode, the network has released a video featuring the new opening credit sequence, and it is a surprising departure from the five previous Star Trek series.

Instead of the countless star fields and an infinite cosmos, Jeff Russo’s main theme is played over a series of sketches and designs that look like they could have been rendered by some of the masters of the Renaissance. There’s even a very overt reference to Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” near the end of the credits. More importantly, the opening even incorporates notes from Alexander Courage’s original Star Trek theme, which gives the piece its most hopeful moments.

Some of that sequence actually reminds us of Star Trek: Enterprise‘s opening credits, particularly as it tracked the development of previous ships to share the name Enterprise. Russell Watson’s cover of “Faith of the Heart” broke the Trek tradition of an orchestral opening, but we particularly like the way that the real Mars rover, Sojourner, was incorporated into the imagery.

Star Trek: Voyager doesn’t always get the most love, by Jerry Goldsmith’s opening theme is one of the best in Trek. And that credit sequence certainly makes the ship look good.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had another brilliantly realized opening sequence, with a great theme by Dennis McCarthy.

By comparison, Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s opening was a little stiff, even with the HD upgrade. But Goldsmith’s theme is another winner, and it successfully re-purposed his music from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Finally, here’s the theme that started it all: Courage’s music and the opening credits for Star Trek: The Original Series. This is the remastered version from the high definition re-release.

Which Star Trek opening sequence is your favorite? Beam down to the comment section and let us know!

Image: CBS All Access 

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